How Asset Protection can Enhance the Customer Experience
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Boost Customer Satisfaction with OneKEY: The Only Key You Need for Retail Security

Date: May 02 2024
Read Time: 4 minutes

Though shopping in physical stores is regaining popularity since the end of the pandemic, the retail industry landscape has changed dramatically, with a top priority being the importance of the retail customer experience. It can be difficult to balance customer expectations with your business needs, and most businesses have had to prioritize combatting theft or providing excellent customer service. But what if there was a way to do both? With the use of just a single key, you can drive sales, overall satisfaction, and create a retail environment that meets customer needs.

Key Takeaways:

1. What do customers expect when shopping and why is it so important?
2. How can a key for asset protection enhance in-store retail experiences?
3. What are the benefits of OneKEY? 

Limited wait times and a personalized experience 

Consumers expect a personalized shopping experience where they feel retailers have their finger on the pulse of what’s fresh and can accommodate the way people shop today. This approach not only satisfies existing patrons but also attracts new customers looking for tailored shopping experiences.  

More importantly, convenience is king! Customers want what they want when they want it, and long wait times will break your business. Now, you can address these customer wants with a key.  

Tap into your store’s full potential with OneKEY 

InVue’s OneKEY is a revolutionary, one-of-a-kind system for asset protection and enhancing the in-store shopping experience. OneKEY is an IR key that replaces the need for multiple store keys and never requires maintenance or batteries to operate. Here’s just a few of the things you can accomplish with our single-key system:

  1. Collect data: With OneKEY, each associate receives a unique PIN they can use to “activate” OneKEY. The unique PIN provides an audit trail for retail stores to see who unlocked what products and when. You can get important insights on what products are accessed the most and make impactful business decisions.
  2. Save time: More than 50% of consumers are willing to wait only 5 minutes or less for assistance in store. Staff no longer need to waste time finding the right keys for secure products. It’s been so revolutionary that more than 75% of store employees say they provide better customer service with OneKEY.
  3. Foster positive experiences: Many consumers enjoy the retail experience of a physical store because there are real people there to help, enhancing customer loyalty through positive interactions. With OneKEY, you can trust that products are protected so you can spend more time focusing on creating positive customer interactions and not worrying if merchandise is safe from theft.
  4. Save money: Lost key? No problem. Stop spending money and time rekeying locks (which can cost thousands each year). OneKEY times out after a 12-hour period so it can’t be reused. Because of the use of a PIN, you won’t have to change any display case locks or keys.
  5. Increase customer base: Customers are more likely to frequent a retail business that provides consistent and efficient service. OneKEY helps get shoppers in and out so you can turn potential customers into repeat purchasers. By enhancing the retail experience with OneKEY, you not only retain loyal customers but also encourage their advocacy, further expanding your customer base.
  6. Maintain a competitive edge: OneKEY works as ecosystem, providing security for merchandise display devices, packaged merchandise, hanging merchandise and Smart Locks. As your business grows, so can your security. Where competitors may have a mix of security solutions that all work independently, you’ll have one that scales with you.
Provide interactive retail customer experiences in-store with OneKEY 

From the first interaction through checkout, consumers evaluate their experiences, shaping their perception of your brand. Often, you won’t receive customer feedback until it’s too late. Be proactive and offer the best retail customer experience possible with OneKEY. It’s a necessary tool to provide better protection for your products, a safer work environment for employees, and ultimately a better experience for shoppers.

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