Simplified management for OneKEY.


Simplified management for OneKEY.

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Simplified management for OneKEY.

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OneKEY Manager provides a centralized hub for our patented OneKEY technology and facilitates check-in and check-out processes.


Set up OneKEY users.

Assign a unique code for OneKEYs at your store and give each associate their own pin. OneKEY will track and record user activity while in use.


Prepare associates for their shift.

When each OneKEY is returned and checked in at the OneKEY Manager, it will automatically refresh and reset the timeout window function for protection against theft.

Understand key health, status and more.

A user-friendly touchscreen interface communicates health, status, and required system checks.






  • Programming station compatible with OneKEY

  • Compatible LIVE Access Web Portal

  • Ethernet connection

  • Input 5V ? 1.2A

  • POGO Pin interface (magnetized)

  • micro-USB power input

  • Color: Black




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