S3100V Wireless Display

A visually engaging display that invites customers to experience products in their truest form — without cords or wires.


Interactive Experience

Clean, vertical presentation highlights the featured product and encourages customer interaction.

Enhanced Sales

Wireless sensor frees associates to move about the store and sell complementary products.

Analytics & Reporting

Manage planogram compliance and understand how shoppers interact with your product.


Case Study: S3100V refreshes the retail experience for leading U.S. mobile carrier

"The new wireless solution allows customers to interact with devices more freely and makes it easy for our mobile experts to support them in their purchasing decisions."

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Instant access to your displays.


InVue LIVE’s mobile application delivers real-time control and insights from S3100V. Understand customer engagement, manage planogram compliance and disarm the security alarm on a user-friendly mobile interface.


An enterprise dashboard to make better decisions.


Enterprise-level data helps you manage planogram compliance, customer engagement and other product-related information across single, regional or national store locations.


Zone Manager establishes wireless display security and encourages customers to freely interact with devices.

Zone Manager is available in two sizes with flexible mounting options
Choose between four pre-configured zone settings

Choose between two alarm settings that are activated when a sensor enters an Alarm Zone, or when it exits a Secure Zone.

Customers are alerted when device nears a security zone limit with a pre-alarm chirp

Alarm Zone

Sensors alarm when they enter the Alarm Zone. Once removed from the Alarm Zone, the sensor will either stop alarming (Warning Mode) or will alarm until timeout (Continuous Mode).

Alarm sensor cannot be blocked or disrupted

Secure Zone

Sensors alarm when they exit the Secure Zone. Alarm continues until timeout OR until sensor re-enters the Secure Zone.


Discover how S3100V can elevate your customer’s experience and increase sales.


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