Doing our part to be a responsible global citizen.


Doing our part to be a responsible global citizen.


Doing our part to be a responsible global citizen.


Our commitment to being a good corporate citizen extends to every individual working for, and with, InVue and is outlined in our four pillars of corporate responsibility: Environmental Stewardship, Diversity & Inclusion, Ethics & Privacy, and Community.

This framework guides our culture, reinforcing our priorities to do more with less, while also giving back to the respective communities in which we live and work.


“All of us at InVue understand when you partner with us the relationship goes beyond our products and services. You expect us to act responsibly and to minimize our environmental impact on the planet.

This understanding reinforces our priorities to do more with less, to give back to the communities in which we live and work, to create an inclusive culture which embraces diversity, respects privacy, and keeps our customers at the core of everything we do.”


Jim Sankey
Chief Executive Officer


Environmental Stewardship



We’ve Set Goals

To minimize our environmental impact on the planet.

InVue has partnered with a renowned sustainability consulting firm to help us further understand our environmental impact, build a plan to drive a more positive impact, and to accomplish our global sustainability goals.


Activity in Process in 2023

  • Conduct a full (Scope 1, 2, and 3) Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions data in accordance with World Resources Institute’s GHG Protocol for calendar year (CY) 2022
  • Report to external ratings organizations in CY 2023
  • Improve our shipping efficiency using dim-weight optimization and freight consolidation
  • Pilot return and recycle programs for our customers
  • Facility LED retrofit program to reduce energy consumption

Near Term CSR & Sustainability Goals

  • Reduce energy consumption in our operations by 5% by 2024 as compared to a 2019 baseline
  • Reduce air miles by 332 miles per shipment by the end of 2023
  • Reduce our business travel emissions by 30% by the end of 2023 as compared to a 2019 baseline
  • Monitor Diversity & Inclusion and Ethics & Privacy KPIs across our organization
  • Continue to invest in the communities in which we operate


InVue received ‘Sparking Change’ recognition from Walmart’s Project Gigaton program.


Project Gigaton is Walmart’s initiative to reduce emissions in the global value chain by 1 billion metric tons — a gigaton — by 2030.


We invest heavily on the front-end of our design process in order that development, manufacturing, and shipping be kept to the essentials.


Purposeful Design

Committed to minimizing unneccessary consumption.

InVue adheres to a modular product design set of principles allowing us to minimize the number of new components needed to update our products.

We strive to decrease the amount of plastics used in production by using recycled plastic resin in molded products.


Designing for the Future

We test every product to ensure a maximum lifecycle.



Our products embody quality and simplicity. Simplicity not only means easy to use, but also fewer parts which later must be recycled or discarded. This approach requires thoughtful decisions throughout our design, development and manufacturing. By investing heavily on the front-end of our design process we enable development, manufacturing and shipping to be kept to the essentials.

We ensure that our products measure up to real-life application through a significant investment in our Research & Development Lab, the largest in our industry. We are able to conduct rigorous testing of component parts to maximize product lifecycle.


How We Ship

Committed to minimizing unnecessary consumption.

Maximize pallet shipments and order fulfillments through dim-weight (the amount of space a package occupies) optimization

Ensure freight consolidation to reduce quantity of shipments

Minimize product and material transfers between our global warehouses by streamlining internal operations

Lower contribution to fossil fuel emissions by transitioning our standard shipping practices to ocean-transfer

Reduce plastic waste in packaging of products by grouping individual parts into a single kit



Where We Work

Daily operations in all facilities.

Whether it’s our building facilities or day-to-day operations within, the environments that propel our innovations forward keep green initiatives top of mind.

Reduce carbon footprint at facilities through use of high-efficiency building materials such as HVAC systems, appliances and cleaning materials

Prioritizing awareness of CO2 output from business travel by promoting telecommunications practices

Minimize landfill contributions by contracting zero-waste landfill programs

Saving unnecessary plastic bottle uses by installing refillable water stations at HQ location (several thousand saved since May 2017

Minimize plastic waste to landfills by transitioning to reusuable cutlery in all office location kitchens

Proactively identify issues and ensure optimal efficiencies of HVAC systems through biannual evaluations

Reduce paper waste by transitioning to print-release system (PaperCut) to queue printing jobs instead of automatic fulfillment — saving thousands of sheets of paper since implementation in July 2019





Giving Back

We believe that being a good citizen is important.

We support that belief by providing every InVue employee one day of service throughout the year.


Our teams in Charlotte, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Latin America support their communities with their time and through their contributions.


Classroom Central

  • 3 Year Consecutive Back to School Drive Winner
  • 6 years participating



  • Second Harvest Food Bank (6 years)
  • Ronald McDonald House (2 years)
  • Safe Alliance (2 years)
  • Mitey Riders (1 year)
  • City of Charlotte Parks (1 year)


Children/Family Donation

  • Children’s Home Society (2 years)
  • Salvation Army (2 years)


Monetary Donations

  • Charlotte Rescue Mission
  • ACLU
  • Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Harper’s Hope 31


  • Surfkids — monetary donation to help with children in hospitals (7 years)
  • Alpe d’Huzes — 2020 bike fundraiser
  • Salvation Army — 2 years with Angel Tree Drive
  • Volunteer and spend time with elderly


Hong Kong

  • Ronald McDonald House — volunteer and donations
  • Donations — hand out lunch to homeless/elderly
  • Dolphin Research & Beach Cleaning



  • Donation to help build a church
  • 5K Race for Women’s Equality in 2019

Ethics & Privacy



Privacy Protection

Steps we take to ensure the security and privacy of our employees and customers include:


  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Security Advisory Team to establish privacy policies
  • Active end-point monitoring
  • Hardened servers from Ddos attacks
  • Software to manage administrative passwords (LAPS)
  • Internal network penetration testing performed yearly by third party security firm
  • Regular penetration tests and vulnerability scans
  • Regular penetration tests of InVue software products
  • Implemented security information event monitoring and log management software
  • Regular phishing exercises companywide
  • InVue has created companywide security and data protection policies along with regular training
  • PAM solution has been implemented to remove all admin access from all endpoints

Diversity & Inclusion


Our Position is Simple

We take a 360º view of the world, its cultures and ethnicity.

At InVue we strive to have a workforce as diverse as our customer base.


We embrace the fact that great ideas can come from anyone and anywhere in our organization.

Our goal is to create a work environment that embraces equality, and encourages innovation and creativity.


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