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Series 1060 success at AT&T.

Date: Sep 01 2016
Read Time: 2 minutes
“Adding accessories to displays definitely increased our sales!”

AT&T Authorized Reseller Manager, Biral Shah, works hard to make his customers happy with their purchases, but his store’s outdated security system wasn’t working nearly as hard as he and his team. The store needed a more up-to-date and customer-oriented security system. The current system was technologically backward and negatively impacted both customer experience and sales. Then Shah’s store installed the Series 1060, the Smart Lock, the IR2 Key and the IR Locking Hook.

Since installing the IR Ecosystem, Shah and his team have more time to focus on what matters – customers and sales. Having one key on hand that works for every product has made interacting with customers and demonstrating merchandise more efficient and more effective. Nightly closing is now much faster, thanks to a streamlined process for securing merchandise.

While Shah is impressed with the technological precision of InVue’s solutions and the ability to secure and power merchandise at the same time, he notes that even those without such behind-the-scenes interest in the system have been impressed: “Customers like it. They like that accessories are easy to test.” And as we know, happy customers mean higher sales. Download the Full Story.
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