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NRF Big Show 2016: InVue to showcase sales enablement solutions

Date: Jan 04 2016
Read Time: 3 minutes
Designed to help retailers balance sales and the customer experience with security and store aesthetics.

Innovative market leader will demonstrate how retailers can increase sales by enabling merchandise and store associates to shine.

InVue today unveiled plans for the NRF 105th Annual Convention & EXPO (#nrf16). Taking place January 17th through the 20th at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in New York City, InVue will be on hand at booth #1030 to showcase how retailers can balance store design and product security with merchandise accessibility for customers and store associates alike. In addition, as retailers continue to leverage tablets in-store to improve customer service and serve as a mobile point-of-sale (POS) system, InVue will demonstrate how their complete tablet solution, the new CT300, can serve as a powerful customer service application.

WHAT: NRF’s 105th Annual Convention & EXPO, Retail’s BIG Show 2016
WHERE: Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York City, InVue Booth #1030
WHEN: January 17-19th, 2016 during Expo Hall hours

WHY: Perfecting the customer experience in today’s dynamic retail environment has never been more important. Merchandising products effectively, keeping them secure, all while empowering store associates to deliver better service and increase sales opportunities is a difficult balance to achieve. Retailers need sales enablement solutions that can capitalize on the customer-centric nature of retail operations and allow the merchandise and store associates to shine. By doing so retailers can deliver the better customer experience the market requires and fuel an increase in sales and profits.

Smart Lock & IR Ecosystem: An innovative retail security solution for high-theft merchandise that needs to be contained behind lock and key, SmartLock, marries the demand for security with an improved customer experience to drive sales. Based on the unique IR Ecosystem, a storewide single key security system, InVue’s Smart Lock technology uses a digital handshake to allow quick access to high value products without leaving the customer’s side and without disrupting the aesthetics of the retail store.
CT100: InVue’s solution for tablets used as business applications, the commercial solution transforms tablets into powerful customer service and sales tools for retailers. When docked the CT100 automatically locks and immediately begins charging so that the tablet is secure, completely powered and ready for use.
InVue Shelf Tether™: The award-winning Shelf Tether is the only shelf security solution designed for high-value shelved products such as personal electronic devices and accessories. With Shelf Tether store associates can take merchandise off of the shelf and discuss product details and specifications with the customers while still maintaining the security of the items. This functionality is increasingly critical as the higher value the item, the more information consumers require when making a purchasing decision.