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Introducing T1000: Stop thieves, not customers.

Date: Aug 14 2017
Read Time: 1 minute


InVue is proud to introduce the revolutionary time delay dispenser that prevents sweeping, the T1000. For decades, retailers have searched for solutions that help increase sales of hanging merchandise, while addressing a costly theft problem in sweeping. The T1000 is the first self-service fixture on the market that combines unparalleled anti-sweep security with a self-service customer experience to increase sales.

The T1000 offers an intuitive, easy to use push button for customers — that dispenses one item at a time — along with a 5 second time-delayed release that prevents theft. Designed as a single position fixture, the T1000 allows for maximum merchandising space due to its interchangeable coils. The most innovative high theft hanging merchandise solution available today, the T1000 allows retailers to simultaneously promote and protecting their products.

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