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New from InVue.

Date: Feb 06 2015
Read Time: 2 minutes

InVue announces the global launch of several new products and product line extensions – all part of InVue’s IR Ecosystem™.

S2800, designed for branded systems, mixed use tables and categories of like products, adds the ability to support more branded devices, new stands that support Perfect Placement® and a layered security option for higher theft environments.

InVue’s new S950 Hidden Lens Sensor enables lens security with quick and easy interchangeability and no zip ties or sensor masses on the lens to interrupt the consumer shopping experience. This product allows quick lens changes for high-end camera lenses that are secured with Smart Lock cabinet locks.

The HS Smart Watches, tough solutions for extreme high theft situations, portfolio increases with the ability to protect virtually all Samsung smart watches in addition to micro USB smart watches.

A new Wearable Security solution, WS1, provides power and alarm security for smart watches on display. The current line protects virtually all Samsung smart watches and delivers a true owner’s experience by allowing the customer to fully engage with the watch.

IR Locking Hooks™ provide the highest level of peg hook security for premium accessories. This new secure hook has an integrated lock with swivel design to allow for easy access to load and unload merchandise with the IR2 Key.

IR Safers™ are the ultimate in protection for high value accessories. IR Safers come with an integrated hang tab that cannot be removed, making it highly secure when combined with an InVue locking hook.

InVue’s new Secure Box delivers added protection for peggable merchandise. The reusable, durable package reinforcement allows for consumers to review the product marketing message while providing a protective outer shell.

Check out InVue’s exciting new product launches today!