InVue’s latest tablet kiosk model enhances customer experience. - InVue
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InVue’s latest tablet kiosk model enhances customer experience.

Date: Jul 12 2016
Read Time: 1 minute

InVue’s latest innovation in its growing range of commercial products, the CT300, transforms tablets into powerful sales tools. The new CT300 combines flexibility, convenience and security into one perfect tablet solution. When attached to the secure base, your tablet is a self-service kiosk or point-of-sale display that’s not only sleek, but takes up less counter space than traditional POS systems. And when undocked, using InVue’s exclusive IR Key technology, it quickly becomes a mobile sales tool allowing for associate and customer interaction anywhere in the store. The CT300 features a card reader on the tablet enclosure that enables transactions wherever and whenever customers are ready. It also keeps your devices locked down and powered up, charging both the tablet and card reader when attached to the stand. It installs in minutes and can easily be adapted for use in any business environment. Perfect for retail, restaurants, banks, healthcare and hospitality using tablets and iPads as effective point-of sale-displays. The CT300 delivers the best of both worlds: mobility when you need it and a full service tablet kiosk stand when you don’t.