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InVue Launches InVue LIVE

Date: Jan 19 2021
Read Time: 3 minutes
The Single Source Platform for Real-Time Visibility that Sets the Standard for Retail Efficiency

Retailers gain real-time visibility across departments to streamline operations and create a seamless retail experience.

InVue, the leading global provider of intelligent hardware and software systems for retail, consumer electronics and data centers, today launches InVue LIVE®—the connected platform that delivers real-time visibility across departments to streamline operations and create a seamless retail experience.

InVue LIVE tracks, monitors and manages storewide functionality and activity – including merchandising, access control, security, and operations – in real time. Its suite of hardware and software solutions has been created specifically to provide retailers with a single system that delivers actionable and accurate information for their entire estate.

“Now, more than ever, Retailers are faced with many demands to effectively manage store operations. A combination of customer expectations and internal processes can greatly impact store efficiencies, and ultimately, sales, “says Jim Sankey, InVue Founder and CEO. “InVue LIVE gives retailers a simple, secure and scalable way to understand what’s happening in their stores and the ability to prompt meaningful action.”

InVue LIVE is unique compared to other retail software solutions through its use of the LoRaWAN specification – a Sub-GHz networking protocol known for its use in smart home and Internet of Things devices. LoRaWAN is a Low Power, Wide Area networking protocol that is highly applicable for retail environments due to its easy set-up, robust global security standards and scalability. InVue’s collaboration with LoRaWAN creators Semtech is the first of its kind for retail operations.

Alongside the launch of the LIVE network InVue is releasing the first InVue LIVE compatible products across retail display, security, and operations.

OneKEY – The fourth generation of its patented technology, OneKEY is the most secure and convenient key system for retail. OneKEY enables quicker customer service through giving retailers the confidence to put a key in the hand of every associate. With real-time data and power transfer, OneKEY gives retailers the power to immediately know who accessed what, when and where to increase sales, decrease theft and improve profitability.

OSA Sensor – Poor on-shelf availability in retail is estimated to result in over $200 billion in lost sales, annually. The easily retrofittable OSA Sensor gives retailers a quick, scalable way to accurately track the most important SKUs and deliver alerts when shelves are empty, so you never miss a sale.

TV Manager– Retailers struggling to keep multiple TVs powered, and planogram compliant, are often juggling hundreds of remotes and labor-intensive tasks. TV Manager is one system to manage all your TVs. Through automated scheduling, real-time status alerts and planogram compliance reporting, TV Manager helps retailers improve operational efficiency at all levels.

S3100V – S3100V offers a visually engaging display that invites customers to experience products in their truest form – without cords or wires. The wireless sensor enables an interactive sales experience, freeing associates to move about the store and sell complementary products. Using the LIVE network, store and corporate users can remotely receive notifications, control alarm volume, manage security zones and ensure planogram compliance.