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InVue introduces the latest in wearable security.

Date: Oct 04 2016
Read Time: 3 minutes

There is no question that the wearables market continues to grow. The IDC recently announced that Q2 shipments are up 26.1% over this time last year, with 22.5 million units being shipped. Not only is the number of units increasing, but the types of wearables being offered. The ability for customers to try on and experience the wearable is the only way to turn an interest of a wearable into an actual sale.

Retailers face the challenge of displaying while protecting all of these new types of wearables the moment they arrive in their stores so that customers can have a true to life experience. What is a true to life experience? Customers being able to try on and experience a powered device. InVue has the answer with two new wearable security protection devices that can help retailers increase their sales of this exciting category of products.

J704 – Alarming Showcase for sales assisted environments
What makes the Alarming Showcase the perfect all above counter solution for retailers? It not only secures and alarms a wide range of products, it also powers these devices with integrated OEM power. Smartwatches and other wearables need to be powered on to have a customer really experience the features that will let them make a purchase decision. The J704 also protects other types of small electronics, such as wearable cameras, GPS systems and camera lenses.

A report by Salesfloor recently found that 84% of shoppers seek out a sales associate for help and 87% are more likely buy an item that is recommended by a sales associate. The J704 provides the ultimate customer experience in a sales assisted environment because once the associate unlocks and removes the wearable, the customer can fully experience the wearable.

W1000 – Protect Any Watch Day 1 for self-serve environments
The growing wearables market means many different types of smartwatches and fitness bands need to be protected so they can be on display. Each smartwatch has a different charging method and if a smartwatch or wearable can’t be powered, the customer is not likely to purchase it. Every time a retailer wants to feature a new wearable, they have to re-merchandise their display, costing time and money.

InVue’s newest wearable solution, the W1000 answers all of these challenges and more! The W1000 protects any watch or fitness band the moment the retailer receives it in inventory. An integrated power supply that is discreet results in a fully powered device. This new security solution allows customers to have a true-to-life experience – all without the need of a sales associate.

Two new wearable security solutions leads to increased sales
InVue continues to expand and enhance protection for the wearable market. But don’t just take our word for it. According to Nick Mardell, Business Development Manager for Juniper Research, “InVue’s new W1000 display unit and J704 alarming showcase provide an additional level of security and flexibility with display of wearables, which can provide a vital trial element before consumers purchase the device.”

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