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InVue Introduces OnePOD Camera

Date: Feb 18 2019
Read Time: 2 minutes
The complete camera display, analytics and security solution.

InVue, the leading global provider of merchandising and security solutions for brands and retailers, introduces OnePOD Camera, a complete security display solution that protects high value camera bodies, camcorders, and lenses.

Many retailers struggle to find the right balance of effective merchandising for high-end photography equipment and securing it in a manner that does not disrupt the selling process or customer experience. Also, there is a lack of available high security options, which leaves merchandise vulnerable to aggressive theft attempts.

Shoppers today demand powered up display products, so that they can interact with the camera’s features and test drive functionality before making a purchase. Many of today’s camera displays have unreliable options for power up or no power up capability at all, which leads to a less than stellar customer experience.

On top of all this, the interchangeable, high value lenses are extremely susceptible to theft, yet challenging to protect.

So, what is a retailer to do? Introducing the new OnePOD Camera – the latest addition to the OnePOD family. OnePOD Camera delivers one design, one experience and leverages the OneKEY ecosystem to protect and display high end camera and camcorder equipment.

OnePOD Camera sensor has the ability to power a DSLR camera during lift, creating a full feature demonstration opportunity for the sales associate.

There are also versatile lens security options to meet the needs of any retailer and ensure lenses are fully protected. OnePOD Camera features anti-rotation brackets and also has high security display options available.

OnePOD Camera stands apart by offering the widest range of battery couplers for multiple camera brands on today’s market. In addition, the stand was designed with durability and sturdiness in mind. A 30” cable pull length allows customers to fully lift and engage with products on display.

And finally, OnePOD Camera is compatible with InVue’s Access Manager software, meaning that onboard auditing and analytic capabilities are available to deliver critical customer interaction information used to improve store operations and maximize profits.

OnePOD Camera is part of the exclusive InVue OneKEY ecosystem™, a storewide single key solution that improves customer service, increases sales and provides high theft protection.

To learn more about OnePOD Camera, click here.