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Introducing OneKEY: Single Key Solution to Increase Profits

Date: Aug 24 2018
Read Time: 1 minute

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InVue introduces OneKEY, the only solution available today that securely puts a single key in the hands of every sales associate.

OneKEY is a single key solution to increase profits, provide an optimal customer service experience, decrease internal theft, and completely eliminate the challenges associated with managing multiple keys.

In addition, OneKEY is the only solution that can transfer power, transfer data, and provide zoning capabilities. It also offers best-in-class security by featuring a unique code for each store, a 12 hour time-out for added protection, and the ability to create zones and audit employee use.

With just one key to manage during a shift, employees are empowered to quickly serve customers and deliver a better overall customer experience. With OneKEY, employees can easily retrieve merchandise, which keeps customers happily on the path to purchase and results in increased sales.

Learn more or contact us today to eliminate multiple keys and increase your profits with OneKEY.