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Ground-breaking new security solutions from InVue.

Date: Jun 03 2015
Read Time: 2 minutes

InVue announces the global launch of several ground-breaking new products and product line extensions – all part of InVue’s IR Ecosystem™.

HS400 is the first ever high security solution that provides unmatched security while allowing customers to fully interact with the merchandise. This solution is designed to empower sales associates to quickly release a phone or a tablet, so customers can have a true hands-on experience. Unlike competitive products, there are no recoilers or bulky clamps to get in the way of the experience. Even when locked down, the HS400 enables customers to easily interact with the merchandise because the clamps don’t interfere with the screen.

HS150 is an alternate high security solution that has an Easy-Lift™ hidden cable that provides a smooth, no resistance lift. This allows the customer to experience the weight and feel of the device when sales associates are not present. The hidden cable system neatly hides the cable under the counter for a clean display.

LS100 is a self-serve DSLR lens security solution designed for different sized camera lenses. This innovative solution gives customers the ability to try a variety of DSLR camera lenses without store staff assistance. And, it reduces the usual theft concerns related to high value lenses on display.

In addition, InVue has expanded their line of wearable security solutions to secure and power today’s top selling smart watches. WS1 protects smart watches from Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony and more. InVue’s HS Smart Watches is a high security solution designed to protect Samsung, LG, Sony and more. InVue’s wearable security solutions protect the watch band and body, have the ability to power up the watch for customer interaction and are designed with universal stands to enhance display aesthetics.