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60-second Insights on Retail with Vitag New Zealand.

Date: Sep 25 2020
Read Time: 3 minutes
A Q&A with Director Doug Todd

As a global company, InVue works with a strategic network of select distribution partners who provide a dedicated service to each of our customers. Retail environments and their associated challenges vary greatly from region to region, and our Partners bring a unique perspective and local expertise to support our customers’ specific needs – enabling InVue to do business in over 90 countries.

Throughout our media channels, we’re bringing forth conversations, testimonials and projects with our partners to reveal what retail looks like across the globe.

For this Q&A, we connected with Doug Todd, Director at Vitag Security Solutions in Auckland, New Zealand. Vitag has been a partner since 2007 and supports customers in New Zealand and the surrounding Pacific Islands.

Q. What is the most common challenge that you help customers solve?

A. The most common challenge is helping them find secure merchandising solutions that are reliable. Keeping devices powered up and on display is a big challenge because manufacturers will release new devices that are power-hungry. When retailers don’t keep up with their recurring investments you have a system that does not support the latest needs.

Q. What is the most important question a customer should be asking to make sure they are selecting the right solutions for their retail environment?

A. The most important question retailers should be asking is ‘How does this improve the customer experience in my store?’. When retailers do surveys around customer experience the satisfaction ratings almost always come back lower than they expect. We’re still doing a lot of coaching around this mentality of putting the customer experience first, but overall, we see it moving in the right direction.

Q. What is something happening in retail that interests you right now?

A. In New Zealand, retailers have not been as strong in online shopping as other parts of the world. COVID-19 has transformed the need for online shopping and brought major challenges in terms of inventory accuracy. Therefore, businesses have had to pivot to deal with the surge in demand for online shopping as well as the concept of click-and-collect.

Q. What is the most unique or interesting project you’ve worked on with InVue?

Years ago, we helped Spark New Zealand completely transform their stores over to InVue’s OneKEY platform, and with each upgrade that’s been released they continue to invest. That all started 13 years ago, and they’re now on their fourth generation of installations.

Beyond a customer project, we think the OnePOD program has been the best package from InVue and it’s been very well received in retail. We’re very pleased with the direction that product is going in and look forward to how further innovations will shape it.

Are you a retail business in New Zealand and the surround Pacific Islands? Continue the conversation with Vitag New Zealand using the contact information below:

Website: https://vitag.nz/contact/

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0800 736 352 or +64 9 574 5101