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Transforming The Car-Buying Experience: InVue’s Impact on Maruti Suzuki’s Showroom

Case Studies
Date: Jul 03 2024
Read Time: 2 minutes


Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest automobile manufacturer, faced a critical need for a durable and reliable solution to secure the iPads used in their Arena showroom. With about 2,900 showrooms across the country showcasing a wide range of economical cars, ensuring the security and functionality of these iPads was essential. Maruti Suzuki required a solution that could withstand constant use and deliver an excellent customer experience without any issues.


For the past four years, InVue has provided Maruti Suzuki with robust solutions to secure their in-store iPads. Initially, InVue supplied the CT50 tablet stand for two years, which was later upgraded to the One40 tablet stand solution. These stands have enabled Maruti Suzuki to secure their iPads effectively, ensuring they are always available for customers to use seamlessly.


The implementation of InVue’s tablet stands have been highly successful. Maruti Suzuki has reported zero complaints from their customers regarding the security or usability of the iPads. The One40 solution, in particular, has proven to be sturdy and long-lasting, perfectly meeting the needs of Maruti Suzuki’s Arena showrooms. Customers have found the tablets and the hosted software easy to use, significantly enhancing their showroom experience.

“We have been using InVue Tablet display solutions for the last 4 years. It is very useful and easy for our customers to use the tablets and the hosted software.”
– Ms. Asha, Showroom Manager, Arena in Trivandrum City

InVue is proud to support Maruti Suzuki in providing an exceptional customer experience through reliable and innovative security solutions.