Siam T.V. Achieves Zero Theft of Apple Products and Higher Sales
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Siam T.V. Achieves Zero Theft of Apple Products and Higher Sales with InVue’s Solutions

Case Studies
Date: Jul 08 2024
Read Time: 3 minutes

The Problem

Siam T.V. was facing significant challenges with product security, particularly concerning high-value Apple products. The issues included:

  • Product Loss: Frequent thefts, especially of Apple products like iPhones and Apple Watches, leading to substantial financial losses and missed sales opportunities.
  • Customer Experience: The need to balance product security with allowing customers to fully experience the products.
  • Ineffective Security Measures: Previous attempts to prevent theft using anti-theft alarms and product cables proved inadequate.

The mobile department manager expressed concerns over product security, highlighting that despite their efforts, the loss of valuable products persisted, affecting both their bottom line and customer trust.

The Solution

Recognizing the critical need for a robust security solution, Siam T.V. chose to implement InVue’s OnePOD and Zips, facilitated by Secure Solutions Asia, an official and authorized distributor known for their expertise and reliability in the field.

The decision was based on several key factors:

  • Expertise and Reputation: InVue’s well-established reputation and expertise in product security instilled confidence in their ability to protect Siam T.V.’s valuable products.
  • Effective Security Solutions: InVue’s systems, particularly the OnePOD security solution, offered robust protection against theft while allowing customers to interact freely with the products.
  • Comprehensive Service: Secure Solutions Asia provided exceptional service from consultation to installation, ensuring a seamless implementation process.

The Results

The implementation of InVue’s security solutions at Siam T.V. yielded impressive results:

  • Elimination of Product Loss: The store experienced no further thefts of Apple products, including high-risk items like iPhones and Apple Watches. InVue’s strong and secure system effectively safeguarded the products.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Customers were able to fully engage with the products, which significantly increased their desire to purchase, leading to improved customer satisfaction.
  • Increased Sales: With improved product security and enhanced customer confidence, Siam T.V. saw a significant boost in sales. The absence of theft and the ability to provide a hands-on product experience contributed to this positive outcome.
  • Professional Support: The exceptional service from Secure Solutions Asia, covering all aspects from installation to ongoing support, ensured the security solutions were optimally utilized.

The mobile department manager at Siam T.V. highlighted the impressive impact of InVue’s solutions, noting the enhanced security, improved sales, and overall increased customer confidence in their store.


InVue’s security solutions, implemented by Secure Solutions Asia, have transformed product security and customer experience at Siam T.V. By effectively preventing theft and allowing customers to interact with products freely, Siam T.V. has not only protected its valuable inventory but also significantly increased sales and customer trust. This case study underscores the importance of investing in robust security measures to achieve operational excellence and customer satisfaction in the retail industry.

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