Providing a seamless buying process with InVue’s compact mPOS tablet stand. - InVue
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Providing a seamless buying process with InVue’s compact mPOS tablet stand.

Case Studies
Date: Dec 05 2023
Read Time: 2 minutes
SiamSportsPro: The first and only tennis academy in Thailand to have six courts covered in Laykold Masters Gel – a revolutionary court topcoat used by the US Open.


SiamSportsPro was using a simple, yet cumbersome tablet stand that was difficult for cashiers to use. The stands often did not hold a charge, damaged and unsightly cables made it visually unappealing, and the fixed angle made it difficult for customers to see tablet screens.


We provided the NE150, InVue’s compact mPOS solution. SiamSportsPro now has no issue with devices remaining charged and the screen is easily visible due to the stand’s tilting capability. Additionally, because of the stand’s magnetic key locking function, staff have no fear of someone walking away with a tablet.


SiamSportsPro is very impressed with the build quality and functionality of the NE150. It has solved all their issues and they will be upgrading all the stands across their facility.

“We have a reception at our tennis academy which requires us to easily show information to our members such as group class schedules and pricing. Previously we were using iPads which we handed to the guests which was quite cumbersome and in some cases the members would drop them. After mounting an iPad pro on the InVue mount, we were able to very easily display our classes and prices, and it also solved our issue with the staff remembering to charge the devices as well. The magnetic key is a very nice touch, it allows us to leave the iPad unattended for self-service without the worry of someone picking it up and taking it away. We are very impressed with the build quality and sturdiness of the mount and we’re going to roll it out standard across our entire facility.”

— Gareth Jones, Managing Director