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Selgros, Major European Hypermarket Uses InVue’s Padlock for Weatherproof Security

Case Studies
Date: Feb 19 2024
Read Time: 2 minutes

Selgros, a cash & carry hypermarket chain in Europe, has a network of nearly 100 stores spread across Romania, Russia, Germany, and Poland. The company focuses on the wholesale distribution of a comprehensive selection of products, both food and non-food items. They cater primarily to major brands, gastronomy establishments, and retail outlets, with a particular emphasis on quality, affordability, and variety to meet the diverse needs of their customers.

Selgros looks to cut costs and keys associated with traditional access control

Selgros’ primary location in Romania protects merchandise and other equipment in large outdoor shipping containers secured by traditional padlocks. Their past mechanical locks were not weather-resistant, and often required a combination or a key. Due to high humidity and frigid European winters, the locks often failed, leaving merchandise vulnerable to theft. Constantly replacing locks led to increased costs that cut into profit.

Smart technology is a must-have when it comes to retail security

In searching for a lock from other suppliers, Selgros often found that even though the other locks had smart features, they all required batteries that do not stand up to freezing temperatures. Thanks to one of InVue’s European partners, Avatar Security, Selgros was introduced to InVue’s Padlock. Their goal was to find a solution that is user-friendly and weather-resistant, and Padlock fit the bill perfectly.

InVue’s Padlock takes only seconds to install, is crafted from quality material, and never requires batteries. It even has an optional available sleeve to further protect the body of the lock in harsh outdoor conditions. Thanks to its integration with OneKEY’s IR technology, employees can use a single key to access secure merchandise.

Because of its smart technology, Selgros is able to receive detailed alerts to track who accessed what, when, and where. The easy-to-use door lock is budget-friendly by cutting costs associated with constant maintenance and increases the speed of their customer service. Selgros is currently running a test on five Romanian locations but hopes to implement InVue’s Padlock across all of their European stores.