Motorola Collaborates with InVue to Relaunch a Mobile Icon
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Motorola Collaborates with InVue to Securely Relaunch an Iconic Mobile Device

Case Studies
Date: Jun 14 2024
Read Time: 3 minutes

Since its inception in 1928, Motorola has continuously redefined the way individuals perceive and engage with the world. From the first cellular handheld in 1973 to the iconic release of the motorola razr V3 in 2004 to its reintroduction as the first foldable smartphone in 2019– Motorola stands at the forefront of crafting electronic innovations that propel the needle of progress forward. When Motorola decided to relaunch another new motorola razr in 2023, they enlisted the help of longtime partner and retail display security pioneer, InVue. Through this strategic partnership, Motorola was able to roll out thousands of custom secure display solutions across multiple markets that are deemed “high-risk” or prone to theft.  

The Challenge:

The objective was to develop a bespoke security solution for the motorola razr -2023, ensuring protection in high-risk markets while enhancing the customer shopping experience by showcasing its standout features. Additionally, the solution needed to be capable of being manufactured and deployed on a global scale within a short timeframe. 

Effortless Collaboration:

The original razr V3 wasn’t just a flip phone, but an icon selling over 130 million units. Its revival in 2023 as the razr and razr+ introduced modern features that demanded the perfect pedestal. In addition to the industry’s largest external display on the razr+, both devices included easy-to-access outer displays, dual cameras, and a true clamshell design that seamlessly folds completely flat, leaving no gaps. 

 InVue’s engineers, collaborating closely with Motorola at every stage, developed renderings and prototypes for the new razr devices. This collaboration allowed Motorola to quickly share any design changes to the device that could potentially alter the design of the security solution without creating delays. The result was a sophisticated holster-design solution that highlighted the phone’s features and met high-security standards, particularly in markets like the EU and Australia. 

Luis Appezzato, the North America Channel, Trade Marketing and Sellout Director at Motorola, expressed satisfaction, stating, “InVue truly listened to and accommodated our desires and requirements for such a significant release.” 

A Seamless and Successful Launch:

The launch unfolded seamlessly and was highly successful. Leveraging InVue’s strategically positioned global hubs, the release effortlessly occurred in Europe, Australia, and other key markets. Shoppers could fully experience the Motorola razr family, immersing themselves in the technology, utilizing the camera, and enjoying a complete and engaging experience. Luis added, “InVue not only possessed the expertise but also the scalability to swiftly deliver such a large-scale solution. They effectively positioned the devices front and center for customers, and we couldn’t be more pleased.” 

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