How InVue's Asset Protection Solutions Elevated KPN's Security
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How InVue’s Asset Protection Solutions Elevated KPN’s Security and Customer Satisfaction

Case Studies
Date: May 01 2024
Read Time: 2 minutes


Prior using InVue’s Asset Protection Security products, KPN struggled with securing phones and other high-value items in their stores. With a wide array of expensive devices on display, the risk of theft and tampering was constant, posing a serious threat to the profitability of their retail operations.

Traditional security methods, such as fixed security products for phones, restricted customer interaction with the merchandise. This not only annoyed customers but also limited sales and revenue opportunities for KPN.

Beyond the direct losses from theft, KPN also faced indirect costs, including dedicating valuable resources to monitor and manage security issues. The need for an effective and comprehensive security solution became clear as KPN aimed to overcome these challenges and provide a safer, more enjoyable shopping experience for their customers.



KPN successfully implemented InVue’s OnePOD and locking hooks. These products offered robust protection, effectively deterring theft while keeping merchandise secure yet accessible to customers.


With the full support of InVue, the implementation process was seamless. The staff received thorough training on the OneKEY system, which facilitated a seamless shift from traditional keys. The new ecosystem not only simplified operations but also aligned with the store’s modern and innovative image. 


The introduction of InVue’s solutions led to a noticeable enhancement in both customer experience and profitability. Customers were able to freely browse and interact with the merchandise without the limitations of traditional security measures. This increased sense of security not only improved the overall shopping experience but also boosted customer trust in KPN as a reliable provider.

InVue’s dedication to providing exceptional security solutions has significantly impacted KPN’s operations. Their products have effectively addressed KPN’s security challenges and delivered concrete results in reducing losses and boosting customer satisfaction.

In conclusion, InVue’s Asset Protection Security products have become invaluable to KPN, offering effective solutions to their security challenges and contributing significantly to the success of their business.