InVue Safeguards Curved Merchandise on Display for ElectroMart
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Enhancing Security Solutions at Electromart with InVue’s Zips Flex Sensor

Case Studies
Date: May 29 2024
Read Time: 2 minutes

InVue, a leader in providing innovative security solutions, has been a trusted partner of Electromart, a prominent retailer operating under the Emart Group Korea, for years. Together, they have collaborated closely to address Electromart’s evolving security challenges in safeguarding consumer electronics displays.


Electromart, a leading retailer under Emart Group Korea, faced a significant challenge in securing products with complex shapes, such as massage guns, tripods, and fans. These items presented unique security challenges compared to traditional retail products, as they were difficult to protect effectively using standard security solutions. Electromart needed a solution that could provide robust security without compromising the accessibility and display of these products to customers.


In response to Electromart’s challenge, InVue introduced them to Zips Flex Sensor, an innovative addition to its Zips product lineup. The Zips Flex Sensor was specifically designed to address the security needs of products with intricate shapes, offering a flexible and adaptable solution that could securely protect items while still allowing customers to interact with them freely. The Zips Flex Sensor’s unique design allowed it to adhere to curved surfaces, providing reliable protection against theft while maintaining product accessibility.


The implementation of the Zips Flex Sensor at Electromart’s Suwon Starfield branch yielded significant results, particularly in enhancing security measures for VR headsets. Store manager Mr. Jaeki Lee reported a marked improvement in security and expressed satisfaction with the product’s performance. With the Zips Flex Sensor in place, Electromart experienced a reduction in theft incidents and an increase in customer confidence, leading to a more positive shopping experience overall. The success achieved at the Suwon Starfield branch demonstrated the effectiveness of the Zips Flex Sensor in addressing Electromart’s unique security challenges and highlighted the value of InVue’s partnership in providing tailored security solutions to retailers.