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Transforming the shopping experience with the OneKEY™ ecosystem.

Case Studies
Date: May 07 2019
Read Time: 2 minutes
Bic Camera is a leading consumer electronics retailer chain in Japan with over 41 store locations. As of 2018, Bic Camera is the third largest electronics and home appliance retailer, behind Yamada Denki and Edion.


Bic Camera’s incumbent security and display solution hindered an optimal in-store customer experience. It required a lengthy setup each morning, which proved to be an inefficient use of associate time. Once re-merchandising was complete and stores opened, there were frequent false alarms. The stores were also using mechanical locks, which meant associates needed to hunt down keys for each sale, resulting in long wait times for customers. Associates could not effectively provide the level of customer service expected of today’s shoppers. Bic Camera needed a turn-key in-store solution to address all of its security, display, and customer service challenges.


Bic Camera chose InVue’s OneKEY ecosystem. The decision was based on the high-quality reputation of the ecosystem, ease of use, and design. Bic Camera issued 150 OneKEY’s to empower employees with single-key access, eliminating the need for associates to hunt down keys upon a sale. In addition, the store leveraged InVue’s One55 and One65 display stands, Access Manager software, S2865, and Zips solutions to maximize the use of the OneKEY ecosystem. Bic Camera understood the importance of leveraging the OneKEY ecosystem’s robust solution – it was much more than replacing keys; it was upgrading their entire display and security platform.


Since implementing the OneKEY ecosystem, Bic Camera’s rate of false alarms has reduced by over 80%. Store associate time spent on non-value-added activities, such as looking for keys and handling false alarms, was lowered by 85%. Associates now have time to focus on servicing customers and performing more valuable responsibilities. In addition, it’s projected that the OneKEY ecosystem will save over 1,370 hours of customer wait time. The entire shopping experience at Bic Camera has been completely transformed for both the customer and associate, which has lead to increased sales and profits.

“The OneKEY ecosystem delivered amazing results, more than expected. We’ve had almost zero false alarms, reduced customer wait time, and it allows store associates to focus on serving customers for a better shopping experience.”

— Katsuyoshi Ishikawa, Managing Director, Bic Camera Inc.