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Providing opportunities for customers to interact with the products they crave the most.

Case Studies
Date: Sep 07 2018
Read Time: 3 minutes
AT&T Inc. is the world’s fourth-largest telecommunications company by revenue and the largest wireless carrier in the United States. As of 2020, AT&T was ranked 9th on the Fortune 500 rankings of the largest United States corporations, with revenues of $181 billion.


AT&T Authorized Reseller works hard to make his customers happy with their purchases, but his store’s outdated security system wasn’t working nearly as hard as he and his team. Then, the store installed the Series 1060 (now OnePOD), the Smart Lock, the OneKEY and the Locking Hooks. And this is what happened, in Shah’s own words.

The security system was technologically backward and negatively impacted customer experience and sales.

  • The inability to power up accessories decreased sales
  • Displays didn’t allow for full customer engagement
  • Security weaknesses limited the amount of inventory that could be kept up front
  • The complicated takedown process made for a time-consuming nightly closing

There were a lot of challenges with the previous security system. The technology was outdated and affected team performance and customer experience. The system could not charge accessories, costing the store countless cross-merchandising opportunities. Customers couldn’t safely play around with smartphones and iPads to fully experience these items as if they owned them. They spent too much time every night taking each phone out of its display. They didn’t trust the safety of the old system enough to keep much extra inventory in the front of the store. “As the technology changes, everybody needs to reconsider their security devices.” That’s why his store installed InVue’s Series 1060, Smart Lock, Locking Hook, and the OneKey. It’s an ecosystem platform that can be built on as merchandise security needs change. The store used InVue’s OneKEY ecosystem solutions for increased productivity and profits.

  • Series 1060’s ability to cross-merchandising accessories that are powered up for an improved customer experience
  • Locking Hooks provide the highest level of peg hook security for premium accessories, allowing customers access to the merchandise
  • Smart Lock makes inventory access and customer service faster and easier
  • Time is saved during nightly closing with the OneKEY


The difference between InVue’s solutions and the older system was quickly apparent, with InVue’s system the clear visual winner. “People like this new style, new layout. It’s a classic look.” InVue’s elegant aesthetic fit seamlessly into the store’s design and let the merchandise take center stage where it belongs.
Of course, the improvements in the InVue system go far deeper than just aesthetics. Since installing the OneKEY ecosystem, they have more time to focus on customers and sales. Having one key for every product has made interacting with customers and demonstrating merchandise more efficient. Nightly closing is much faster, thanks to a streamlined process for securing merchandise: “One touch of the key, and you can take the phone out or lock it down in one really simple step.” And now there’s no need to waste time worrying over store security for customers, saving time and allowing associates to service more customers and improve service. They used to put a lot of product in the back room, but they can now safely leave even expensive accessories in their drawers at closing time.

“Series 1060 is a great product. Seamless, nothing to worry about, it can protect your accessories and definitely increase your sales. You are safe and your items are safe.”

—Biral Shah, Store Manager, AT&T Authorized Reseller