AIS Partners with InVue to Safeguard High-Value Apple Products
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AIS Partners with InVue to Safeguard High-Value Apple Products

Case Studies
Date: Jun 14 2024
Read Time: 3 minutes

AIS, the Cognitive Tech-Co, stands as a pioneering force in the digital landscape, dedicated to enriching lives and businesses through innovative digital solutions. As Thailand’s leading communications provider, AIS is committed to delivering superior customer experiences and driving advancements in technology. With a focus on empowerment and connectivity, AIS is at the forefront of digital evolution, shaping the future of technology and enhancing lifestyles across the nation.

The Challenge

AIS, Thailand’s largest GSM mobile phone operator, faced significant security challenges in their retail stores, particularly with high-value Apple devices. These stores are bustling environments, making it difficult to monitor and protect devices from theft without hindering customer experience. AIS needed a robust yet user-friendly solution to ensure their Apple products remained secure while allowing customers to interact freely with the devices.

The Solution

AIS partnered with InVue to implement a comprehensive security solution across their retail stores. InVue provided a range of products designed specifically for Apple devices, ensuring maximum security and ease of use.

The implementation process was seamless, with InVue’s team working closely with AIS to customize the security solutions according to their specific needs. The One65 and W2000 systems were installed to secure display devices, allowing customers to pick up and interact with the products freely while preventing theft. The Zips system provided an additional layer of security for various merchandise, and the OneKEY ecosystem ensured only authorized personnel could access and manage the security settings.

The Result

The deployment of InVue’s security solutions brought about significant improvements in both security and customer experience at AIS stores. Key results included:

  • Enhanced Security: AIS experienced a notable reduction in theft incidents, with the robust security systems effectively deterring potential thieves.
  • Improved Customer Experience: Customers could interact with the Apple devices without restrictions, leading to higher engagement and satisfaction.
  • Operational Efficiency: The OneKEY system streamlined store operations, allowing staff to manage security settings effortlessly and focus more on customer service.
  • Scalability: The flexible nature of InVue’s solutions allowed AIS to scale their security measures easily as new products and store formats were introduced.


InVue’s partnership with AIS demonstrates the effectiveness of tailored security solutions in enhancing retail security while maintaining an optimal customer experience. By leveraging advanced technologies and customizable systems, InVue continues to support AIS in securing their valuable assets and ensuring their customers enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

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