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Introducing Zips Flex Sensor: The Ultimate Solution for Retail Security of Contoured Merchandise

Date: Mar 19 2024
Read Time: 3 minutes

For retailers around the globe, securing contoured merchandise poses a unique set of obstacles. Traditional security methods often struggle to accommodate the diverse shapes and sizes of these items, creating vulnerabilities that compromise both security and customer experience. However, with the introduction of innovative solutions like InVue’s Zips Flex Sensor, addressing the security needs of contoured merchandise becomes more attainable without sacrificing accessibility or customer satisfaction.

Why Zips Flex Sensor?

Our sales team has really seen it all. From vacuums tied together with shoelaces, power drills “protected” by plastic cable ties, and electric razors secured with scotch tape, it is safe to say none of these solutions are actually secure. Zips Flex Sensor revolutionizes retail security by seamlessly integrating into your display while effectively protecting contoured merchandise. We’ve all come to expect that things like laptops and phones are always secured, and their flat surfaces make them relatively easy to adhere security devices to, but what about items with curves? That stick vacuum, Stanley Cup, Xbox controller? With Zips Flex Sensor, you can secure it all while still giving customers a hands-on shopping experience.

Game controller secured with plastic cable ties Stick vacuums secured with shoelaces

Tailored Security
Zips Flex Sensor offers a tailored approach to securing merchandise. Whether you’re retailing game controllers, electric toothbrushes, or handheld vacuums, its flexible design ensures a snug fit, providing optimal protection for items of varying shapes and sizes.

Enhanced Customer Experience
By securing contoured merchandise with Zips Flex Sensor, you can offer customers the freedom to interact with products firsthand. Whether they’re exploring the latest gaming accessories or trying out new gadgets, Zips Flex Sensor provides peace of mind without inhibiting exploration.

Advanced Technology
Built with cutting-edge technology, Zips Flex Sensor boasts rigorous testing and high-quality materials, guaranteeing reliability and durability. Say goodbye to false alarms and theft incidents caused by inferior security solutions. Our Zips Flex Sensor can handle over 45lbs of pull force before triggering an alarm. That means you can ensure it will stay attached to your merchandise.

Adaptability and Scalability
With Zips Flex Sensor, a new addition to the Zips family of security products, adaptability is key.. Create a product display with up to 48 items using the Flex Sensor and other Zips sensors to secure anything, literally! The versatility not only simplifies inventory management but also saves costs in the long run.

Implementing Zips Flex Sensor in Your Retail Space

Does your merchandise need to be powered?
Determine the level of security required for your merchandise. Whether it’s powered devices like smartwatches or non-powered items like power tools, Zips offers adaptable solutions to meet your specific requirements.

What merchandise are you displaying and how many?
Choose the appropriate alarm units and sensors based on the number and type of products you intend to display. With options ranging from 1-port to 12-port configurations, Zips ensures flexibility and scalability to accommodate your retail space.

Secure products, sell, remerchandise, repeat.
Install Zips above or below the counter, connect your products, and activate the alarm using the convenient OneKEY system. With a secure display in place, you can rest assured knowing your merchandise is protected while empowering both customers and employees.

Ready to Experience the Difference with Zips Flex Sensor?

Reach out to our team today to explore how Zips Flex Sensor can elevate your retail security strategy.