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The Power of POS: Why Your School Needs a Point-of-Sale System Now

Date: Feb 28 2024
Read Time: 5 minutes

We’ve seen the power of a point-of-sale system for major retailers and small businesses, but surprisingly, schools are harnessing the versatile powers of POS systems for more than just ringing up sales. These modern POS systems are revolutionizing how educational institutions effortlessly tackle everything from cafeteria sales to bookstore management and event ticketing. Dive into the dynamic world of the NE150 Convertible POS Stand, a compact yet mighty ally, and uncover its indispensable role in facilitating seamless transactions and interactions in classrooms and beyond. This is not just about making payments easier; it’s about creating a more organized, efficient, and engaging learning environment for students of all ages. 

Where can my school benefit from using the NE150 Convertible POS Stand? 

In the school cafeteria: POS systems mean faster, safer, and more accurate transactions.

For elementary kids up through high school, students often receive only 20-30 minutes for lunch. That includes making their way to the cafeteria, going through the lunch line to purchase their meal, and eating. With such limited time, traditional cash registers are time-consuming. Ditching those outdated cash drawers and receipt paper for the NE150 Convertible POS Stand is a no brainer.

The NE150 boasts a USB-C port to connect peripherals like card readers, barcode scanners, and other POS hardware. The high-speed data capability ensures you can cycle through card payments and other transactions quickly and efficiently, whether checking purchase history or accepting contactless payments. Not only does it make for faster payments, but it also adds a level of security for students. With the use of a POS, students won’t need to bring lunch money to school which can be lost, stolen, or just too time-consuming to manage when the lunch line is wrapped around the cafeteria.

Depending on the POS software you choose, cafeteria staff can retrieve reports on the number of transactions, money made, a breakdown of meals served, if a student has already purchased a meal, and more. All of which are valuable insights when managing cafeteria inventory. Because the NE150 is portable, you can go from taking payments in the cafeteria to handling event ticketing and selling snacks at school sporting events and fundraising functions.

In the classroom: Freedom to choose your POS software makes learning more accessible for students of all ages.

For schools with limited budgets and classroom space, the compact and durable design of the NE150 Convertible POS Stand is a welcome addition. Whether teaching grade school or students of higher education, it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Because it gives you the freedom to use any tablet with any operating system, it is a must-have for schools that already use tablets for in-classroom education. The easy-to-use design and integrated charging mean you can plug and play existing tablets and streamline charging so they’re always ready for fun and engaging learning activities.

Convertible POS stands are a dynamic supplemental learning tool that helps accommodate all the different ways students learn. It makes learning in the classroom more personalized, interactive, and collaborative. You can use educational and other software to instantly share feedback or to incorporate multimedia content for visual learners. Using some program functions like text-to-speech, adjustable font sizes and more can make learning infinitely more accessible to students with disabilities.

In the school library and front office: Increased security, visibility, and organization.

The NE150 is a great tool for creating self-checkout counters and automating visitor registrations. In school libraries and bookstores, students can check in or check out their own books to help alleviate often over-burdened school staff. Students can keep track of how many items they have at one time, books they’ve read before, where to locate them and more, while staff get a full view of their inventory.

The rotating customer-facing display is a useful feature in front office applications. Parents, other visitors, staff, and school officials can register or clock in using the NE150. With the archaic pen and paper method, you’re relying solely on legibility and the honesty of visitors, which at times can be a legitimate safety concern. With a tool like the NE150, you will be able to accurately track when someone visits. You can also take a picture right from your tablet if required for school security measures, verify the authenticity of someone’s ID, sign up parents for newsletters, and share recent school updates.

Most importantly, the NE150 is budget-friendly, incorporating the features you need for flexibility and freedom inside your school. Not only can you better manage your people, but you’ll gain better inventory management as well. Where school supplies, especially books, are costly to update and maintain, the freedom of tablet-based technology can be updated without having to be completely replaced. When safety, efficiency, and functionality are no longer a barrier, you can focus on providing students with time and attention to learn and grow.

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