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The Retail Experience: Insights from Japan

Date: Dec 01 2020
Read Time: 3 minutes

InVue’s presence in over 90 countries is possible through a network of dedicated partners who combine InVue’s global experience with their own regional insight and expertise, to guide customers on how to effectively promote, protect and connect their stores. Each quarter, we interview one of our partners to introduce them to our customers as well as share their unique approach and understanding of the various markets and environments in their areas.

In this installment of our Partner interview series, we sat down with Harry Koizumi, CEO of Adsec Japan, to bring you insights on the retail sector in Japan, as well as the key question he thinks all retailers should be considering before their next product launch.

Q. What is the most common challenge that you help customers solve?

Both manufacturers and retailers are very concerned about the beauty of the display, but there are few customers who also consider security. As a result, their display is often unattractive on the sales floor. If a customer does not fully understand how to apply the right security to the device in a way that keeps the design engaging, it can hinder the customer’s experience with that device. For this reason, we spend our time helping think through these considerations and guiding retailers to an appropriate solution before they launch their products into stores.

Q. What is the most important question a customer should be asking to make sure they are selecting the right solutions for their retail environment?

They should be asking ‘What solution will promote the best customer experience in-store?”. Using this mindset will help them choose the right display for their device. By understanding how long customers are interacting with each device in-store, they can have a significant impact on in-store engagement rates. When retailers are not focused on this process, they will be surprised by lower engagement rates.

Q. What is something happening in retail that interests you right now?

The global pandemic has completely changed the retail situation in Japan, and I’m interested to see what becomes our new normal. It is important for our business to understand what will drive customer demand in a post-pandemic world. What will the significance of the retail store be? We need to be watching customer demand across all industries to stay in touch and respond appropriately.

Q. What is the most unique or interesting project you have worked on with InVue?

I am always interested to see what areas InVue continues to develop and the new products that they create, but especially right now. The most unique project we recently worked on was getting the Vertical Wireless solution into the AU flagship store launch in Tokyo.

Years ago, they were using a competitor product and we’ve since migrated them over to InVue products that fit their needs. At first, we migrated them over to a product called the Series 855V. The product kept the device in a vertical display set up with a small sensor which they really liked. Now, in their most recent flagship store launch, they adopted our vertical wireless solution. When I visited the store myself, I watched customers pick up and engage with the product. It has a light sensor, no cords, which lets the customer freely engage with it and walk around the store to see how it works with other products.

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