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The surge in retail theft and organized crime: What it means for businesses and shoppers

Date: Sep 25 2023
Read Time: 3 minutes

Have you noticed something different about your shopping trips lately? It’s not just you. There’s been a noticeable uptick in retail theft and organized crime, and it’s affecting the way businesses operate and how we experience shopping. But fret not; there’s a silver lining, and it starts with beefing up retail security.

The Retail Theft Boom

If you’ve been hitting the stores or tuning in to retail news, you’ve probably seen it – stores with reduced hours, locked-up goods, and even talks of shutting down shop for good. What’s causing this retail rollercoaster? It’s none other than the spike in retail theft and organized crime.

Big retail players like Target, Walmart, and Home Depot are talking about it openly. Their recent earnings calls have been dominated by discussions about missing inventory. While exact nationwide crime statistics are hard to come by, one thing is clear: businesses are feeling the pinch.

What’s at Stake

Retail theft, or “shrinkage” as it’s called in the industry, is a headache for businesses. It’s when the recorded inventory doesn’t match the actual inventory, leading to financial losses due to stolen or damaged items, often by both employees and customers. Those losses ultimately trickle down to the shoppers, in the form of higher prices.

To make matters more complicated, organized retail theft has taken center stage. These crafty thieves swipe merchandise to resell for a quick buck, often online through platforms like Amazon or eBay. This organized crime wave is putting even more pressure on retailers and their profits.

For shoppers, this surge in theft is impacting the way we shop. Reduced store hours, locked-up goods, and tighter security measures can make shopping less convenient and enjoyable. Waiting for assistance to access locked items or navigating through a store with limited access to products can be frustrating and may even discourage some from making purchases.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. InVue has been paving the way for retail security creating safe and secure retail experiences without compromising customer experiences. From consumer electronics to health and beauty, InVue has a security solution for just about everything.

Why Businesses Need to Step Up Their Retail Security Game

In the face of this growing challenge, businesses have a compelling reason to level up their retail security game. Here’s why it matters:

Protecting profits: Enhanced security measures can help businesses cut losses from theft and shrinkage, safeguarding their bottom line and keeping prices competitive.

Competitive prices: Lower losses mean retailers can offer better prices, ensuring shoppers get more bang for their buck.

Shopping with ease: Security measures shouldn’t cramp your shopping style. Innovative solutions like smart locks and advanced security tech can strike that perfect balance between safety and convenience.

Safety first: A safe shopping environment is a win-win. Retailers that invest in security measures show they care about shoppers’ safety, building trust, and loyalty.

Deter theft: Serious retail security can give organized criminals second thoughts. They’re less likely to mess with stores that are well-protected.

The Bottom Line

The surge in retail theft and organized crime is a serious issue, no doubt. But there’s hope on the horizon. By investing in innovative retail security, businesses can keep their profits safe, keep prices fair, and ensure shoppers enjoy a secure and smooth shopping experience.

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