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Smart locks: revolutionizing security for global beauty retailers

Date: Jan 19 2024
Read Time: 3 minutes

The battle against retail theft has intensified for beauty retailers worldwide, and the impact on both employees and consumers has been palpable. With cosmetics and fragrances being prime targets due to their ease of concealment, the need for innovative security solutions has never been more pressing. InVue emerged as the game-changer when two major beauty brands faced the challenge of missing inventory and unreliable locking systems.

Say goodbye to traditional barrel locks for retail security

Meet Vanessa, the dedicated store manager of a prestigious European-born beauty retailer who grappled with maintaining inventory levels. In cosmetic stores, the strategic display typically contains a “tester” product with corresponding merchandise stored underneath in drawers. The layout often led to theft, creating frustration for staff and customers. Vanessa shares, “We were experiencing very high theft. It wasn’t rare to see people opening the drawers, taking multiple products, and simply walking away.” Unfortunately, this scenario was far from unique.

Across the bustling streets of London, KC, an employee of a popular designer fragrance shop shared the woes caused by outdated barrel locks. “Many times, the keys would just break inside the lock. In my year here, we’ve had to have locks fixed several times during opening hours.” InVue provided the much-needed solution for these retailers, offering a transformative experience.

The Smart Lock difference

Fast forward to Vanessa’s store today, where the staff no longer moonlights as security guards safeguarding high-end cosmetics. Thanks to InVue’s Smart Lock system and patented OneKEY, Vanessa effortlessly assists a customer in the fragrance department. Using a sleek black device, she unlocks a drawer filled with high-end fragrances within seconds. “And that’s it,” she exclaims, bouncing away gleefully as if she’s just performed a magic trick. What’s the secret behind this newfound ease?

Vanessa’s store embraced InVue’s Self-Latching Drawer Locks, a discreet, easy-to-install solution. Compatible with existing fixtures, the Smart Lock seamlessly integrates with any store design. Unlike traditional locks, the self-latching model automatically secures the drawer upon closure, eliminating concerns about forgetting to lock it. Operating with OneKEY, Vanessa and her team can open all drawers using a single key that never requires batteries or costly maintenance.

“Now we are all very happy because everything is well-secured. The [Smart Locks] are modern, fast, and comfortable, and we are really happy with it!”

Meanwhile, back in London, the fragrance store bid farewell to problematic barrel locks, embracing the reliability of InVue’s Smart Cam Lock. Attaching securely to swinging doors, the OneKEY lock features a color-changing indicator to clearly signal whether it’s locked or unlocked. KC expresses her satisfaction, giving it a perfect 10/10 and noting, “They don’t break!”

InVue’s Smart Locks have not only addressed the pressing issue of theft but have also brought a sense of security and efficiency to beauty retailers globally. Vanessa sums it up beautifully, “Now we are all very happy because everything is well-secured. The [Smart Locks] are modern, fast, and comfortable, and we are really happy with it!”

With InVue, the future of secure beauty retail is here.

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