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Secure your Valentine’s Day success: the love language of retail protection

Date: Feb 14 2024
Read Time: 3 minutes

One of the biggest spending holidays of the year is here – Valentine’s Day! More than 80% of couples plan on partaking in the holiday, but it isn’t just for lovers; the NRF predicts spending will reach a record $14.2 billion as people buy gifts for family, friends, and even their pets. As shoppers search for the perfect gifts, from classic choices like candy and flowers to the latest must-have gadgets and electronics, retailers must ensure they are not only well-stocked but also equipped with the best retail security measures. 

Reliable protection: the love language of retailers 

In the high-demand, high-value world of consumer electronics, establishing reliable security becomes the ultimate expression of a retailers’ love language, ensuring their offerings are both cherished and protected. More and more retailers are implementing industry-leading security solutions to demonstrate their commitment to their customers.  

Items popular for Valentine’s Day gifts, like headphones, game consoles, and smartphones, present unique security challenges. Innovations such as Zips and InVue’s OnePOD are revolutionizing protection, offering customizable solutions for diverse product types, ensuring each is securely displayed yet remains accessible to consumers. 

Headphones & Earbuds: AirPods Pro 2, Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds II, Beats Solo 3 

Ah, the sweet sounds of love! Headphones and earbuds stand out as prime gift choices for the tech enthusiasts in your circle. With Zips you can get All-in-One flexible protection that allows your customers to sample the sweet sounds of their favorite ballads without disconnecting them from the alarm. For easy-to-conceal earbuds, Zips interchangeable display case lets you showcase what’s available without leaving stock unattended or unsecured.   

Game Consoles: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X 

For passionate gamers, consoles such as the PS5 are still playing hard to get, but no less desired. Given that a significant portion of consumers still opt for in-store electronic purchases, it’s only natural they’ll seek to experience the tangible sensation of testing controllers and witnessing their beloved games on expansive screens. To safeguard such prized merchandise while preserving optimal shopping encounters, rest assured, there’s a solution in Zips! Equipped with a sensor type for any surface, you can now protect intricately shaped items like controllers or even the consoles themselves, employing alarmed security measures that activate upon any attempt at tampering. 

Smartphones: Apple iPhone 15, Samsung Galaxy S24

Keeping in contact with that special someone is always a priority. Smartphones are one of the most popular gift ideas every holiday season for both shoppers and thieves alike and for good reason, they’re high-value and a necessity in today’s connected world. With InVue’s OnePOD, you can keep your display phones safe from theft, but available for shoppers. OnePOD is a customizable security solution for smartphones on display. Choose between high-security or a more interactive customer experience to tailor the best solution there is. With features like metal security brackets, built-in charging, and cross-merchandising functionality, it’s a win-win.  

As consumers embark on their quest for the ideal Valentine’s Day gift, retailers armed with the best retail security solutions stand ready to make their shopping experience memorable and secure. By prioritizing both product protection and customer satisfaction, retailers can truly speak the language of love this holiday season.