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Chile Point of Sale Partner | Mekanosige

Date: Jun 18 2024
Read Time: 4 minutes

Founded 33 years ago, Mekanosige emerged as a business partner from IBM’s Retail Store Solutions. From its inception, the company has been driven by a profound belief in the transformative power of information technologies at both personal and business levels. This vision continues to inspire Mekanosige as it navigates the dynamic landscape of the retail industry.

Values and Mission

At the heart of Mekanosige’s operations are core values that focus on enhancing the shopping experience for their customers’ final consumers. The company’s primary goal is to address consumer needs through seamless processes, personalized offers, and exceptional customer service. By delivering operational continuity, Mekanosige ensures that their solutions but meet and exceed expectations, creating a superior retail experience.

Challenges and Solutions

The retail industry has undergone significant changes, and Mekanosige has faced several challenges head-on. These include transitioning from traditional Point of Sale (POS) systems to Unified Commerce Platforms, the rise of self-service strategies, robust cloud infrastructure to support distributed store chains, and the evolving role of store associates influenced by mobility.

To tackle these challenges, Mekanosige has broadened its array of solutions and technologies, offering retailers multiple options tailored to their specific needs. By shifting its focus from retailers’ needs to consumers’ needs, Mekanosige ensures that its solutions are always relevant and effective. This proactive approach has allowed it to stay ahead of industry trends and consistently deliver value to its clients.

Industry Insights

According to Mekanosige , current trends shaping the retail market include mobility, self-service, and personalization. These trends reflect the increasing demand for convenient, efficient, and tailored shopping experiences, driving retailers to innovate continually.

Mekanosige’s approach to building lasting customer relationships centers on understanding their clients deeply. By learning about their brand, needs, customers, current situation, and future goals, Mekanosige can offer personalized solutions that foster long-term partnerships. This customer-centric approach has made many clients remain loyal to Mekanosige for years.

Future Outlook

Mekanosige envisions the future of retail as being dominated by personalization. They believe understanding and catering to individual consumer preferences will be the key to success in the evolving retail landscape.

Mekanosige is committed to continuous learning, exploration, and innovation. They embrace the challenges and failures along the way as opportunities to grow and adapt, ensuring they remain at the forefront of the industry.

Impact of the Partnership

Partnering with InVue has significantly benefited Mekanosige. The solutions provided by InVue have enabled Mekanosige to attract new and important customers in the Chilean retail market, particularly those seeking to enhance their value proposition and shopper experience through mobile point of sale solutions.

Trust, focus, and humor are the cornerstones of Mekanosige’s partnership with InVue. These elements have not only facilitated successful innovation cycles but also strengthened the collaboration between the two companies.

Highlighted Projects

One notable project is the collaboration with Forus, an omnichannel specialty retailer founded in 1980. As a distributor of 29 well-known international brands across four countries, Forus sought to upgrade their shopping experience. They entrusted Mekanosige and InVue to implement mobile in-store experiences, significantly enhancing their customer engagement and satisfaction.

Another example of Mekanosige ‘s problem-solving prowess was the integration of 77 different grocery companies into a single entity. This complex process involved migrating the front and back office systems overnight, ensuring a seamless transition from Company A to Company B without any operational disruptions.


Mekanosige’s journey over the past three decades is a testament to their commitment to innovation, personalization, and superior customer service. Their ability to adapt to industry challenges and trends, combined with strong partnerships like the one with InVue, positions them as a leader in the retail technology space. As they continue to evolve and innovate, Mekanosige is set to redefine the future of retail, one personalized shopping experience at a time.