Adtech & InVue: Pioneering Security Solutions in India
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Adtech & InVue: Pioneering Security Solutions in India

Date: Apr 08 2024
Read Time: 2 minutes

Nestled in the bustling tech hub of India, Adtech Systems shines as a beacon of creativity and unwavering commitment to excellence. Founded in 1990 by visionaries M.R. Subramonian and M.R. Krishnan, Adtech embarked on its journey with a focus on crafting Uninterrupted Power Supplies (UPS) in collaboration with Systel Development Industries from Israel. However, a transformative trip to Israel sparked a bold shift towards electronic security systems in 1997, propelling Adtech into a realm of exponential growth and groundbreaking ingenuity. 

A Journey of Growth and Advancement 

For Adtech, venturing into electronic security wasn’t just a strategic move – it was a bold vision to usher cutting-edge technology into India’s landscape. Over the years, this vision blossomed into a robust partnership with InVue (formerly ALPHA Security) in 2005, marking the genesis of a dynamic alliance that has only flourished with time. 

Core Values and Mission 

Driven by a relentless commitment to introducing top-of-the-line technology, Adtech is dedicated to delivering the best Return on Investment (ROI) for its customers while consistently exceeding expectations. These core values serve as the bedrock of Adtech’s business ethos, guiding every endeavor and decision. 

Industry Insights and Customer Relationships 

Navigating India’s intricate market dynamics hasn’t deterred Adtech; it has only fueled its determination. Leveraging its extensive experience and nationwide presence, Adtech fosters enduring customer relationships and offers unparalleled service and support. By actively participating in prominent retail events, Adtech stays at the forefront of industry trends, showcasing its comprehensive solutions to a wide audience. 

Looking Ahead: A Bright Future 

The future for Adtech, alongside its partnership with InVue, gleams with promise. With its groundbreaking OneKEY ecosystem, Adtech is poised for further expansion within India’s vibrant market. This steadfast dedication to creativity and quality ensures that Adtech’s products continuously align with the evolving needs of Indian consumers, positioning them leagues ahead of the competition. 

From its humble origins as a UPS manufacturer to its rise as a trailblazer in electronic security, Adtech’s narrative is one of foresight, ingenuity, and resilience. With the partnership with InVue serving as a cornerstone of its success, Adtech’s journey is destined for a horizon adorned with thrilling innovations, sustained growth, and unparalleled customer satisfaction.