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Introducing Cable Lock Anchor: The Ultimate Solution for Merchandise Security and Flexible Remerchandising

Date: Mar 14 2024
Read Time: 4 minutes

You often hear “never judge a book by its cover”, but first impressions are everything – this also applies to your retail store. When you stroll through a store, what catches your eye first? Yep, it’s those eye-catching product displays! They’re the billboards of the retail world, drawing us in with their charm and charisma. A well-designed display does more than just showcase products. It creates an inviting atmosphere for shoppers, helps organize the store layout, is simple for staff to manage, and can even encourage customers to make larger purchases than they planned (which is great for your business). If you’re struggling with balancing security and customer experience for your secure retail display, then we have just what you need. InVue is elated to announce our brand-new Cable Lock Anchor!

Unsecure and Cluttered Merchandise Displays Promote Retail Theft 

Retail theft is on the rise, and having unsecure or disorganized product displays is like an open invitation for potential thieves and organized retail theft. Local hardware and home improvement stores are often hit hardest since the merchandise can be difficult to secure and can easily be resold at pawn shops or on online resale sites.

When our partners at Tractor Supply Co. reached out looking for a tool that would up their retail security game, our engineers were eager to step up to the challenge; thus, the Cable Lock Anchor came to fruition. It is a new powerful weapon in the arsenal of tools to not only combat retail theft, but to enhance the customer shopping experience, and to lend employees a helping hand.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It, The Proof is in The Security

Effortless Retail Security that Enhances the Customer and Employee Experience 

Create Secure and Uncluttered Displays for Better Shopping
The Cable Lock Anchor is a double-sided lock connected via an 18-inch coiled cable. One side of the lock anchors to your store fixture (hence the name), while the other connects directly to your merchandise. Customers can get hands-on with things like leaf blowers, helmets, expensive apparel and more.

Our team has seen expensive items like lawn mowers secured with plastic cable ties you can easily defeat with a box cutter. It’s not just an unsecure solution, but also an unsightly one for customers that could potentially deter them from shopping with you. Cable Lock Anchor is your answer to losing the unsightly jerry-rigged solutions so that your retail merchandise displays will be much cleaner and inviting to your customers.

Remerchandise Products in Seconds
Typical retail product display security is built-in or adhered to a fixture and not often easy to move around or remerchandise. The Cable Lock Anchor is the perfect solution. Instead of a large system that must be fitted to end caps or shelves, the Cable Lock Anchor locks around the fixture and the product in seconds—literally! Employees can move products around or sell the display product and restock it with minimal effort.

Reliable Retail Security You Can Trust

The Cable Lock Anchor has a 2-alarm EAS system. Both locks are alarming and will sound if the cable is cut or if someone tries to pass through your EAS security system with your products. Because it’s compatible with InVue’s OneKEY ecosystem, it can be seamlessly added to other InVue security solutions you may already be utilizing.

Our patented   provides unparalleled access control, safety, and accountability for your store staff. You can set zone restrictions that only allow certain employees to access certain store displays and sell-thru merchandise, all while maintaining an audit trail of who is unlocking what, when and where.

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