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How to Combat Resale of Stolen Goods with Smart Retail Security 

Date: Mar 14 2024
Read Time: 4 minutes

The InVue team is at the forefront of addressing the multifaceted challenges of retail theft, closely monitoring industry news and the discussions surrounding it. Our attention was recently drawn to a CNBC feature on “Selling Stolen,” which sheds light on the significant financial and human toll of retail crime, including its effects on community safety and store environments. It highlights the increasing efforts by government and law enforcement to tackle this pervasive issue.  

Retailers like Ulta, T.J. Maxx, Sunglass Hut, and Walgreens, to name a few, find themselves in a difficult position. They are compelled to secure high-theft items such as fragrances behind lock and key. This necessary measure for asset protection, however, poses a significant challenge to customer experience—a critical component of brand success. 

Balancing Security and Customer Experience 

InVue acknowledges the delicate balance between securing merchandise and maintaining an engaging shopping environment. For decades, we have pioneered innovative solutions that safeguard products without diminishing customer interaction. Our technology-driven devices and security systems seamlessly integrate into the retail setting, ensuring products are secure yet accessible for consumer engagement. This strategy protects merchandise and supports the brand experience, allowing customers to make informed purchasing decisions through meaningful engagement with products. 

Retail favorites, such as our new Cable Lock Anchor, offer dual alarm security for both the fixture and the product. This makes it easier for retailers to secure items like handbags and shoes while also facilitating customer interaction with household goods like vacuums and tools. 

And for retailers who have resorted to securing their products behind locks, our Smart Locks are revolutionizing the retail landscape for businesses of all scales. Utilizing our single-key platform with either a OneKEY or a mobile device, both associates and customers are overcoming the obstacles presented by locked merchandise. This innovation has significantly diminished wait times and, as a result, has notably boosted sales figures. It’s clear why an increasing number of retailers are adopting Smart Locks as their go-to solution for merchandise security. 

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Tackling the Resale of Stolen Goods 

In addition to securing merchandise in-store, retailers face the challenge of combating the resale of stolen goods—a critical aspect of retail theft that fuels the cycle of crime. To address this, we recommend the following strategies: 

  1. Collaboration with Online Marketplaces: Retailers should work closely with online marketplaces to identify and remove listings of stolen goods. Implementing stricter verification processes for sellers and employing advanced algorithms to detect suspicious activity can significantly reduce the online availability of stolen items. 
  1. Use of Unique Identifiers: Implementing unique identifiers such as serial numbers or RFID tags on high-theft items can help track products and deter theft. These identifiers make it easier to trace stolen merchandise and link it back to illegal activities, thereby discouraging resale. 
  1. Consumer Awareness Campaigns: Educating consumers about the impact of purchasing stolen goods can reduce demand in the secondary market. Retailers can launch awareness campaigns highlighting how buying such items indirectly supports criminal activities and undermines community safety. 
  1. Partnerships with Law Enforcement: Strengthening relationships with local and national law enforcement agencies can enhance efforts to trace and recover stolen merchandise. Sharing intelligence and collaborating on investigations can lead to more effective prosecution of theft rings. 
  1. Advanced Surveillance and Data Analytics: Leveraging technology to monitor suspicious transactions and patterns can help identify potential resale of stolen goods. Data analytics can play a pivotal role in detecting anomalies and supporting proactive measures against the resale market.

Retail Theft is More than Just a Financial Strain 

The issue at hand extends beyond financial loss; it affects the safety and well-being of employees and customers and has a broader impact on communities. A secure shopping environment is crucial for maintaining the vibrancy and health of retail spaces and the neighborhoods they serve. Looking ahead, the retail industry must continue to innovate and adapt, creating environments where customers feel safe and welcomed, and where the joy of shopping is preserved. 

InVue is dedicated to assisting retailers in overcoming these challenges, offering solutions that not only protect merchandise but also enhance the overall brand experience. By merging advanced technology with the essence of the shopping experience, we are setting a new standard for retail security—creating secure, engaging, and vibrant community spaces that welcome every shopper. Our commitment is steadfast: to equip retailers with tools that address both today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities for a safer, more engaging shopping experience. 

 To discover more about how InVue can support your business in combating the resale of stolen goods and enhancing in-store security, contact our team today.