InVue’s T1000: Self-Service Retail Security, Perfected
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InVue’s T1000: Self-Service Retail Security, Perfected

Date: May 24 2024
Read Time: 5 minutes

A good product design solves a problem; a great product design is instantly intuitive to its users. At InVue, we aim to develop products that are not just innovative but simple to use for both customers and associates. The T1000 for hanging merchandise, solves the problem of sweeping retail theft and customer accessibility in a sleek, easy-to-understand design. Discover the top four benefits of this timeless retail security solution and why it’s a “no-brainer” for your retail space.

The T1000: Simplistic Design 

The T1000 is a 1:1 replacement for a basic hanging merchandise peg. It secures to peg boards and slatwalls using a hidden screw. The spring-loaded, time-delayed dispenser is easy for associates to restock and dispenses a single product at a time at the push of a button. Its small form factor maximizes shelf space and can be easily moved for fast remerchandising.

The Benefits of the T1000 

1. Eliminate Customer Wait Times 

There’s been horror stories of shoppers waiting over 40 minutes for baby formula, or a D.C. pharmacy replacing paper products with a framed picture of the product and an ad hoc sign instructing customers to press a button for assistance. It’s safe to say shoppers are fed up. According to a study by Zebra, over 20% of shoppers will try a different product or abandon a purchase altogether if they find them behind lock and key.

It’s no secret that stores are resorting to locking up anything and everything to stop retail theft. Although these practices may be stopping theft, they’re also stopping sales by discouraging honest shoppers. Customers just aren’t willing to wait for service, especially for everyday essentials like toothbrushes and small cosmetics.

The T1000 is completely self-service. There’s no wait or associate required. Shoppers can simply press the button to dispense a single product. If they need more than one…no problem! After 5 few seconds, customers can push the button again to dispense another, getting in, out, and on their way without hurdles.

2. Stop “Sweeping” Theft 

“Sweeping” is a shoplifting technique used to take multiple items within seconds. Imagine a thief using their arm to sweep dozens of products off a shelf into a bag. Because of T1000’s unique time-delay, only dispensing one item at a time, it drastically cuts down on theft and eliminates sweeping.

As organized retail theft rises, stores are eliminating customer accessibility and replacing actual products with a “product card” patrons must take to a register to retrieve their product. It takes away their ability to interact with and compare products before purchasing and forces them to interact with an associate.

3. Easy for Associates to Use 

Retail is notorious for experiencing very high turnover (hovering around 60%). Employees feel overworked many times and having everyday products behind lock and key spreads associates thin. T1000 eliminates some of that stress by allowing customers to serve themselves. If John’s job is to restock shelves and update pricing, constantly stopping to unlock a tube of toothpaste or common cold medicine certainly decreases productivity and increases frustration for associates and customers alike. As simple as it is for customers to retrieve a product from T1000, it is just as simple for associates to restock it.

4. Truly Intuitive Design 

Studies show that customers are not shy about abandoning a purchase if the product they want is difficult to get to. If a product display looks intimidating or doesn’t have clear instructions or an intuitive design, customers will do an about face.

The T1000 has a sleek, timeless design that won’t scare off a shopper. The yellow PUSH button is universally understood and clearly identifiable as a button. Customers don’t have to stop, think, and try to “decipher” how to retrieve products. It is completely intuitive and has a 100% success rate for customers wanting to retrieve a product regardless of age or ability.

Don’t just take our word for it watch this short video of a social experiment we did during Halloween.

A Social Experiment  

Our Director of Product Innovation set up a T1000 outside of his home on Halloween. Instead of putting out a big bowl of candy for anyone to loot, he loaded up a few T1000s encouraging trick-or-treaters to serve themselves. After spending just a couple minutes showing his neighbor how to restock it, he left for the night and watched as families came to his door only to be greeted by the T1000. Want to see if it was successful? Just watch for yourself.

InVue’s T1000 Hanging Merchandise Dispenser isn’t just a solution; it’s a revolution in retail security and customer satisfaction. With its sleek design and intuitive operation, it eliminates wait times, stops sweeping theft, and empowers both customers and associates. Say goodbye to lost sales and frustrated shoppers and hello to a seamless, self-service experience. Don’t miss out on the future of retail security and customer convenience. Get your T1000 today and transform your store.