Crafting Comprehensive Retail Displays with Advanced Security
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Crafting Comprehensive Retail Displays with Advanced Security

Date: Apr 26 2024
Read Time: 4 minutes

As a retail fixture builder, you know that building a retail environment is more than just assembling some display racks and throwing merchandise on it; it’s a way to tell a brand’s story and build consumer interest. A single store can utilize retail architects, designers and fixture builders or manufacturers to bring a vision to life. While fixture manufacturers of today and tomorrow focus on the customer experience through cutting-edge design and boundless creativity, implementing security measures as innovative as your designs is now easier than ever. Did you know you can give clients exactly what they’re looking for by partnering with InVue for industry-leading retail security solutions?

Offering more than aftermarket

As a fixture design firm, your team conceptualizes, engineers, manufactures, and installs retail displays from lighting to even security. Many displays often use aftermarket locking mechanisms that utilize mechanical keys or aren’t as robust as a company needs. Offloading the responsibility of display security to a retail security specialist like InVue can be cost-effective and uphold the integrity and functionality of your designs. Plus, you’ll be able to add additional value to your customer’s retail stores simply with more innovative design and security.

Our retail security solutions are designed to seamlessly integrate into retail fixtures at any stage of the building process, offering flexibility and convenience to fixture builders and retailers alike. Whether during the initial design phase or as a retrofit after fixtures have been installed, our products can be effortlessly incorporated to meet the unique requirements of each project.

By offering this versatility, we empower fixture builders to create custom solutions that align with their client’s specific needs and preferences. This adaptability ensures that retailers can enjoy the benefits of advanced security measures without compromising on aesthetics or functionality. From innovative Smart Locks to sophisticated access control systems, our solutions are engineered to enhance the security and efficiency of retail environments, regardless of when they are implemented into the fixture building process.

Manufacturing better retail displays with reliable security

In our 50 years of industry expertise, we’ve seen retailers resort to physically drilling holes in merchandise to secure it to retail display fixtures. We’ve also seen high-value products secured using cable ties, duct tape, and a range of colorful, yet ineffective solutions. It is common that security is an afterthought when compared to design, but at InVue, we seamlessly blend both to ensure security, accessibility, and a frictionless shopping experience.

Customers are unable to pick up products and fully interact with them.

Damaging holes were drilled directly into merchandise due to lack of proper retail display security.

Our retail security and packaged merchandise solutions are easily scalable, easy to install, and provide insightful data via software that businesses can use to make informed decisions. Our security products are proven to reduce theft and increase sales. Unlike competitors, our Smart Locks give companies the ability to open locks using an IR key or store-issued smart devices like phones and tablets, giving both customers and employees the power to access products.

The future of retail isn’t transactional, it’s relational

In years past, retailers were using mass-produced display cases with mechanical locks. The fixtures were very “no frills,” and the focus was just on getting customers in and out like an assembly line. 1/3 of today’s consumers are now Gen Z; they’re more focused on a customer-centric experience and how a brand’s values and aesthetics align with their own. Most importantly, how fast can they access and purchase what they want. Shoppers want to build a relationship with the brands they frequent.

As retail technology moves away from physical staff and more towards self-check-out and self-service, it leaves retail store fixtures and your design teams to do the heavy lifting in guiding customers through the store and a journey from the time they cross the threshold to the time they checkout and beyond. Whether there’s an abundance of staff, or a more independent, self-service store environment, security is a necessity in all cases.

Partnering for success in retail

Retail fixture manufacturers are doing more than just showcasing accessories, apparel, electronics, etc., the display fixtures have to build a positive relationship. With all this added responsibility placed on your team of experts, worrying about manufacturing security devices as well can be a tall order. At InVue, our rigorously tested, and customer-focused security devices seamlessly align with the goals of today’s retail fixture manufacturers to bring a personalized experience to shoppers.

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