Maximize Spring Season Sales with Reliable Retail Security
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Maximize Spring Season Sales with Reliable Retail Security for Home Improvement Stores

Date: Mar 11 2024
Read Time: 4 minutes

April showers bring May flowers–and homeowners looking to tackle home improvement projects. Homeowners in the US spent over $420 billion on home DIY projects in 2021, and nearly 36% plan on boosting their curb appeal this year by tackling outdoor projects. The change in season brings increased foot traffic to home improvement stores from homeowners, home builders, and renters alike. Since many people are making the decision to become permanent renters, they too are renovating and tackling less permanent DIY projects in their rentals.  

But as winter thaws, it also means increased potential for retail theft. At InVue, our anti-theft devices are designed to keep your products in the hands of paying customers and out of the hands of people searching for a five-finger discount. As demand grows for everything from plants, lawnmowers, and gardening tools, to paint and power saws, security of your products is a must. New product releases like the Cable Lock Anchor will enhance the customer shopping experience, but also ensure you’re prepared for the increased foot traffic that comes along with the spring season.  

Cable Lock Anchor Improves Convenience & Customer Satisfaction 

The most popular spring projects include finishing anything put off over the winter, gardening, building decks and patios, and even exterior painting. This drives a significant increase in garden department sales as well as sales for drills, saws, sanders, grinders, painting equipment, and other tools. With so many items on the spring “to-do” list, discerning consumers want to get hands-on and up close with products before making a purchasing decision. 

Thanks to Cable Lock Anchor’s compatibility with our single-key system, employees can sell the display products and remerchandise with ease. If the cable is tampered with or if the anchors pass through an EAS system, an alarm will sound. It is the perfect deterrent for organized retail theft, and a welcome security device for both shoppers and loss prevention departments. 

Retail Security Begins on the Shelf 

While your interactive display may showcase every tool, fixture, or product you offer, it’s crucial to remember it’s not only display items that need theft protection; your sell-thru inventory also needs to be safely stored and easily accessible to customers. This is where package wraps and cable locks prove invaluable. This enhanced convenience empowers customers to make informed decisions, ultimately boosting satisfaction and fostering repeat sales. 

Our Package Wrap and Cable Lock are effortlessly attachable, ensuring that your inventory remains accessible to customers while also safeguarding it until our OneKEY-protected retail security solutions are removed by your staff. 

Security Goes Beyond the Retail Floor 

One of the best things about modern home improvement stores is that DIYers and professionals can find almost everything they need in one convenient location. However, this convenience means that home improvement retailers must store a considerable amount of inventory both inside and outside. 

Our Padlock is weatherproof (IP-67-rated) and features Grade-6 cut-resistance performance. With no internal batteries and low-maintenance requirements, you can use these locks indoors and outdoors to secure everything from gates and doorways to BBQ grills and lawn mowers.  

Security Stops Sweeps 

Your special offers shouldn’t be opportunities for thieves to easily snatch and steal. Within the home improvement realm, smaller items are often targeted due to their ease of concealment and high desirability. Gift cards, batteries, screws, nuts, bolts, and other items displayed in blister packs are particularly vulnerable to theft, as they can be swiftly taken without detection unless properly protected. 

Our time-delay T1000 dispensers won’t slow down a paying customer, but they will stop the clock on a thief eager to make a fast getaway. With a 5-second delay, the T1000 makes it easy for legitimate customers to select a product without the need of an associate. But the resulting time delay is just enough to deter a thief from a quick sweep of product. 

Retail Theft Isn’t Going Away…and Neither are We 

The threat of retail theft is as inevitable as the change in seasons. Protect your merchandise and keep customers happy with reliable retail security devices from InVue, including our new Cable Lock Anchor. It’s the latest line of defense for home improvement retailers. Contact us for the Cable Lock Anchor and other products that are sure to have you prepared for spring.