Boost your Laptop Security for One of The Busiest Buying Seasons
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Boost your Laptop Security Before One of The Busiest Buying Seasons

Date: Jun 19 2024
Read Time: 4 minutes

Black Friday is the biggest shopping day for many industries, but it certainly isn’t the only one – especially not for new electronics like laptops. If you want to skip the crowds associated with Black Friday, then now is the best time to buy. Memorial Day, Fourth of July, back-to-school time in August, and Labor Day mark a busy summer shopping season where discounts are at a high. Because these significant holidays are close together, they’re often grouped together to create the “summer shopping season.”

For retailers, that means increased foot traffic, and more opportunity for organized retail theft and petty retail theft. Now is the time to invest in better merchandise display security, like InVue’s Laptop Lock to handle the influx of customers. Find out what Laptop Lock is through common questions, and what it can do for your retail displays.

What is Laptop Lock?

Laptop Lock is an innovative solution designed for high-traffic retailers, stores with limited staff, or any retailer who just wants a more modern, clean and secure display. This modular track system is ideal for small spaces or for displaying multiple products in a row.

Operating with a single key, the Laptop Lock allows staff to quickly unlock products for fast merchandising and customer interaction. Need to access the last floor model in stock? No problem – unlock it in seconds to make the sale. Plus, unlike traditional K-Slot locks, it can be used with laptops from all brands.

Not only does the Laptop Lock enhance operational efficiency, but it also significantly improves the customer shopping experience. The compact design of the brackets ensures that the screen and keyboard remain unobstructed, allowing customers to get a true feel for the product.

What Sets Laptop Lock Apart from Other Solutions?

It’s designed for retail environments: Other solutions typically lock into place using a laptop’s K-slot. Locks that use K-slots (Kensington Slots) were not initially designed for retail, but for when your laptop is unattended in an office setting or coffee shop. Laptop Lock can stand up to the retail environment and doesn’t use a cable that can be cut or utilize the K-slot that can be broken.

Fast remerchandising and customer interaction: Because Laptop Lock uses a single-key solution and brackets on a modular track, it can easily be opened by associates to remerchandise or to interact with a customer. You can go from locked down to in a customer’s hand in just seconds.

Modular track design: The modular track design is simple to set in place on a display and offers ton of space to place laptops side by side. You can make the track as long as you’d like to accommodate an unlimited number of laptops.

Answering Your FAQs

Q: Which OneKEYs work with Laptop Lock?  
A: All IR3 and IR4 OneKEY versions are compatible with Laptop Lock, ensuring seamless integration with your existing security system.

Q: How many rails can be positioned in line for tighter planograms?  
A: With Laptop Lock, the possibilities are endless. You can position unlimited rails in line to create tighter planograms and maximize your display space.

Q: What length rails are available?  
A: Laptop Lock offers rails in 40cm (15.75 in) and 50 cm (19.75 in) lengths, providing flexibility to suit your specific display requirements.

Q: What material is the rail made of?  
A: The rail is crafted from extruded aluminum, ensuring durability and reliability in high-traffic retail environments.

Q: How much force can the rail withstand when secured with PSA?  
A: When using PSA application, the rail will withstand at least 300 lbs of force, ensuring robust security for your laptops.

Q: What is the maximum force that the rail can withstand when using only PSA?
A: With a PSA application, the rail will withstand at least 600 lbs of force, providing unmatched protection against theft.

Q: How much force can the rail withstand when secured with InVue’s M5 metal fasteners?  
A: When secured with InVue’s M5 metal fasteners, the rail will withstand at least 360 lbs of force, ensuring superior security in any setting.

Prepare for Big Summer Sales with InVue

In the hustle and bustle of the summer shopping season, retailers face the challenge of safeguarding their valuable merchandise while providing a seamless shopping experience for customers. As we gear up for some of the busiest buying periods of the year, it’s essential to fortify your retail displays against potential theft and enhance operational efficiency.

As you prepare for the upcoming shopping frenzy, equip your retail displays with the unmatched security and convenience of Laptop Lock, ensuring a successful and secure summer shopping season for both retailers and customers alike.