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Balancing Aesthetics and Security: Designing a Secure and Stylish Retail Store

Date: Jun 07 2024
Read Time: 8 minutes

“Looks aren’t everything.”

It’s an age-old adage that’s rooted in some truth. Though it may not be everything, it’s definitely a big thing in the world of product and retail store design. The way a product or store looks influences the way customers shop, if they complete a purchase, or even better, become repeat shoppers. Unfortunately, as retail theft rises year over year, retailers of all sizes are doing everything they can to keep products secure. Unfortunately, they’re sacrificing sales in the process. As you can imagine, keeping products behind bars does nothing to help your store aesthetic. In this blog we’ll delve into how aesthetics plays a major role in the shopping experience and timeless security products you can use to not only secure your products but enhance your store’s look and feel.

7 Reasons Why Aesthetics in Retail is Important 

If you don’t believe in the power of appearance and design in retail, here are just a few stats to put it into perspective.

70% of buyers say that a product’s appearance influences their decision to purchase. 95% of consumers say the outside appearance of a store influences if they will even decide to shop there. 67% of consumers say that even the look and feel of a product’s packaging impacts their purchase decision.


1. First Impressions: You know how when something looks really good, it just catches your eye? Well, that’s the power of aesthetics. When a product or store looks great, it makes you want to go inside and have a look. That initial impression can make all the difference in whether you decide to explore further.

2. Brand Identity: Have you ever noticed how some brands have a certain look and feel that’s totally unique to them? That’s no accident. Aesthetic elements like colors, fonts, and design style help to reinforce a brand’s identity. When everything’s consistent, it sends a message about what the brand stands for, which can build loyalty and recognition among customers.

3. Emotional Connection: Ever felt a real connection to a product or brand? Maybe it’s because it just speaks to you on a deeper level. Aesthetics can do that—they evoke emotions and make you feel something. When a product or store resonates with you on an emotional level, you’re more likely to form a lasting bond with it.

4. Perceived Value: You ever see something that just looks so fancy, you automatically assume it must be worth a fortune? That’s the magic of well-designed products and stores. Even if the price isn’t crazy high, the quality and luxury vibes they give off can make you feel like they’re worth every penny. It’s all about that perceived value.

5. Differentiation: In a world full of similar products and stores, standing out is crucial. Aesthetics can be a game-changer here. When something has a unique and eye-catching design, it gets noticed. And in a crowded marketplace, that’s exactly what you want—to grab people’s attention and make them remember you.

6. User Experience: Good aesthetics aren’t just about looking pretty; they’re about making things easier and more enjoyable for users. Think about it: clear and intuitive design makes products easier to use and stores more inviting to visit. When everything looks and feels right, customers have a better time, and that’s what keeps them coming back for more.

7. Word of Mouth and Social Sharing: You know how when you find something cool, you can’t wait to tell your friends about it? Well, the same goes for aesthetically pleasing products and stores. When something looks amazing, people want to share it on social media. It’s like free advertising—spreading the word and bringing in new fans. It’s a win-win for everyone!

Retail Security Measures Hinder Aesthetics 

While aesthetics are undoubtedly important, retailers cannot afford to overlook the security aspect of their operations. From theft and fraud to vandalism and employee misconduct, retail environments are vulnerable to a wide range of security threats that can jeopardize the safety of customers and employees, as well as the financial health of the business.

At InVue, we’ve seen it all. From retailers using cable ties to secure lawn mowers and power drills, to pharmacies replacing everyday products with pictures or cards you must take to the register to request the physical product. Even your favorite retailers have resorted to locking up every single product with armed security at the door.

What do all these unsightly security measures tell your customers? It tells your customers that you don’t trust them and it’s unsafe to shop with you. It leads to a trickle-down effect where employees are run ragged unlocking product cases and are undoubtedly having hostile interactions with frustrated shoppers. Productivity is diminished and ultimately customers will choose to shop elsewhere where they feel calm, at ease, and can readily access what they need.

Integrating Security Measures into Aesthetic Designs 

So how can retailers strike a balance between aesthetics and security without compromising on either? The key lies in integrating security measures seamlessly into store layouts and product designs, ensuring that they complement rather than detract from the overall aesthetic appeal. At InVue, we specialize in effortlessly balancing security and the customer experience through functional, meaningful, and aesthetically pleasing retail security and POS hardware products.

Take a glimpse at some of our most popular products and how they contribute to the design and feel of retail stores.

1. Consumer Electronics 

OnePOD: OnePOD is a complete line of merchandise display products designed to be sleek, stylish, and functional. The simple colors and streamlined design don’t detract from the product itself. OnePODs are timeless, sleek, can easily be modified, and can secure a variety of consumer products including smartphones, tablets, cameras and connected home devices.

2. General Merchandise 

Zips: Zips is a retail game-changer. It consists of alarm units and connectors that work in conjunction to secure small electronics and any general merchandise. Because it can be mounted underneath display counters, the security remains discreet. The connectors attach to the product using a small but powerful adhesive and allows customers room to interact with products freely before purchasing (no more waiting for a store associate).

3. Hanging Merchandise 

T1000: One of our most popular products, the T1000’s simple push-button design is universally understood. Everyday essentials are easily protected from theft without having to be behind lock and key. Customers can simple push a button and serve themselves.

4. Sell-Thru Merchandise 

Package Wrap: Our Package Wrap is an upgrade to a traditional spider wrap. It cannot be defeated by magnets. With Package Wrap, customers can still pick up boxes of merchandise and take them to the counter without waiting for customer assistance.

Case Studies

Some retailers have found success in enhancing security while maintaining their design aesthetics by incorporating InVue’s retail security products into their stores.

For instance, Mii, a consumer electronics retailer in Iceland, faced the challenge of maintaining a sleek and uniform design aesthetic while implementing security measures. With the introduction of InVue’s OnePOD, they achieved both goals seamlessly. Customers and store managers alike have been impressed by the elegant and consistent design, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

In the United States, Samsung opted for InVue’s wireless S3100V smartphone security and OnePODs in several pop-up locations. These solutions were not only effective in preventing theft but also discreetly integrated into the store’s layout. As a result, customers were able to interact with products smoothly, and the stores experienced zero incidents of theft.

Never Compromise Looks and Functionality with InVue

While appearances may not be everything, they certainly hold significant sway over consumer behavior and shopping experiences. As retail theft continues to rise, retailers face the challenge of safeguarding their merchandise without compromising on the visual appeal of their stores. At InVue, we understand the importance of striking this delicate balance, which is why we’ve developed a range of retail security products that seamlessly integrate into store designs while providing robust protection against theft and loss.

Take inspiration from retailers like Mii in Iceland and Samsung in the United States, who have successfully implemented InVue’s security products to enhance both the safety and visual appeal of their stores. By prioritizing aesthetics without compromising on security, these retailers have created environments that not only attract customers but also inspire trust and confidence.

Ready to enhance your store’s aesthetics while safeguarding your merchandise? Explore InVue’s range of retail security solutions today and discover how you can achieve the perfect balance between style and security.