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A to Z(ips): Your Guide to Secured Retail Displays and Enhanced Customer Experience

Date: Mar 12 2024
Read Time: 4 minutes

In the intricate dance between commerce and consumerism, the concept of retail security often conjures images of imposing barriers and stringent protocols. However, in today’s retail landscape, prioritizing security doesn’t have to equate to sacrificing the customer experience. Implementing customer-friendly security measures is not only essential but also strategic for fostering trust, enhancing satisfaction, and ultimately driving business growth. From seamless checkout experiences to transparent anti-theft measures, retail security that prioritizes the customer journey not only safeguards against risks but also cultivates a positive environment conducive to repeat business and brand loyalty. In this blog, you’ll discover the steps to creating a secure retail display with a product that seamlessly blends security with customer experience – InVue’s Zips.

In 2022, over 45% of retailers reported that they were increasing their budgets for loss prevention, resulting in a diverse array of security solutions and anti-theft devices. From traditional security cameras and electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems to innovations such as smart shelving systems and AI-powered analytics, anti-theft measures are continually expanding. But what if there was one you could leverage that doesn’t have customers waiting, dismayed, and running to online shopping platforms?

Say hello to InVue’s Zips. Zips is a cost-effective and scalable way to secure merchandise on display without making it inaccessible to customers. Whether you sell power tools, consumer electronics, apparel, luxury handbags, sporting goods, and everything in between, Zips is the only comprehensive and customizable solution for, well, anything. And when we say anything, we mean absolutely anything.

How can I use Zips for my retail security?

Zips is a collection of alarming units, and sensors that can be adapted to fit your merchandise displays. Its small footprint can be mounted above or below counter with different cables and attachments to accommodate your shoppers and however much hands-on experience with a product you want them to have. Better yet, because it can all be operated with a single key, it makes it a game-changer for employees who may need to sell a display product, remerchandise and more. How you configure it is all up to you, but here’s a step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Determine if you need display products to be powered or simply secured.

The foundation to any Zips configuration is the alarm unit. Any devices you want to secure will be connected to it, but first you need to decide if your products need to be powered or just safe from theft. For items like connected home devices, Bluetooth speakers, and smartwatches, it would be best to choose an alarm unit that provides power. With powering capability customers can demo products with or without associate assistance. For items like power tools, electric razors or toothbrushes, most customers will grab and go so a non-powered alarm unit may be the way to go. The power is in the freedom of choice.

Step 2: Determine how many products you want to display.

The more items you want to display, the more cost-effective Zips becomes. With the power to display up to 48 products, you can create one heck of a showcase for shoppers. The alarm units come in 1-port, 4-port, 6-port or 12-port. The 6-port and 12-port options can be daisy-chained together to create the maximum display available, all while still being operational with just one key.

Step 3: Decide which items you want to display.

The type of merchandise you want to display will ultimately determine the type of sensor you will need. Do you have an aisle of laptops that need to be secured? A flat adhesive sensor may be the best option. What about an end cap of rounded or contoured merchandise like game controllers, electric toothbrushes, or stick vacuums? Items with a rounded or complex shape are sometimes difficult to secure, but not with Zips.

Thanks to the new Zips Flex Sensor for contoured merchandise, you can ensure that new Xbox controller is protected. Thanks to rigorous testing and high-quality material you can mitigate theft and false alarms caused by faulty competitor products that don’t stand up to the challenge and wear of everyday shoppers. Even better, Zips sensors are interchangeable, so you never have to buy a new alarm unit just because you want to change product sensors.

Step 4: Secure your products.

Once you’ve decided on the best configuration for your store design, all that’s left is to connect. Mount the alarm boxes above the counter or below the counter, connect your products, enable the alarm with your trusty OneKEY and voila! You now have a secure merchandise display to protect your merchandise, satisfy your customers and empower your employees.

Step 5: Sell. Remerchandise. Repeat. 

Want to get Zips in your retail store? Our dedicated team is here to help you custom tailor your Zips display.