5 Reasons for Fixture Builders to Partner with a Retail Security Specialist
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Top 5 Reasons Retail Fixture Manufacturers Should Partner with Retail Security Specialists

Date: Apr 26 2024
Read Time: 5 minutes

A successful retail merchandising installation complements the store layout and invites customers to interact and experience products in a new way. It draws them into an immersive and personalized in-store experience through the strategic use of retail store fixtures. Retail fixtures are essential in creating engaging retail experiences and capturing shopper attention with a variety of display units like mannequins, display cases, signage holders, and racks. But what happens when the retail fixture meant to draw consumers in is missing the very merchandise it’s meant to showcase? The time and hard work that went into creating the fixtures loses its purpose and meaning. That’s where security solutions as innovative as the displays they secure aren’t just a “want” but an absolute necessity.

Elevate your retail display fixtures with innovative retail security 

1. Retail security is not one size fits all 

Each retail environment is as unique as the products they sell and the shoppers they serve. Today’s shopper is typically more tech savvy, ethically conscious in their brand choices, and expect a customer-centric approach to their shopping experience. As a retail fixture manufacturer, the creation of such unique and custom display fixtures requires security that is just as unique. A simple mechanical or combination lock lacks secure access control and can contribute to inventory loss in the worst cases.

At InVue, our range of products can secure all types of retail displays and merchandise for any industry. From the latest gaming accessories, and smartphones, to specialty goods like luxury apparel and handbags. In a world where retail businesses value self-service options for customers, our POS tablet stands seamlessly blend into store designs. Whether a business uses prefabricated display cases and display racks, or custom display tables, our retail security devices can be easily installed and can scale with the growth of the client’s business.

2. Increase sales and profit margins 

Sharing the responsibility of building retail store display fixtures can be a cost effective and faster way to deliver the final product to your clients. Focusing on the design, functionality, lighting, software, and every component that goes into creating fixtures is already a tall task. Also being responsible for properly implementing security devices adds complexity, time, and costs. Readily available aftermarket locking mechanisms are typically mechanical and not as robust as a company may need—or want.

Incorporating our locks as part of the retail store display fixtures can significantly enhance the shopping experience by reducing wait times for customers and streamlining operations for store associates.

Saving time by enlisting a retail security professional means you can ultimately take on more projects to increase revenue. Partnering with us can allow for special pricing and the ability to sell our retail security devices to clients to increase profit margins.

3. Established partnerships with the largest brands in the world 

Over our 50-year history as specialists in the retail security industry, we have fostered relationships with the most successful global brands. We’ve engineered custom devices for Samsung, Tractor Supply Co., Sephora, the some of the largest tech and luxury brands in the world. Our available solutions for POS, packaged, and display merchandise are featured in stores like Lowes Hardware, Lego, T-Mobile, Skins Cosmetics, Carrefour and much more. See what our partners have to say about us here.

4. Global support teams 

InVue operates in over 90 countries across the globe. Our strategically located hubs in the US, the Netherlands, and Hong Kong mean greater accessibility and faster deployment of products regardless of the scale of the project. Our headquarters also feature our IEC (InVue Experience Center), a carefully curated retail space where customers and partners can physically or virtually experience our products authentically as if they were in a real store. Our in-house engineering team means a streamlined engineering process from inception, to manufacturing, to delivery and installation.

5. We develop devices for the future of retail 

At InVue, we design devices for the future of retail. We are dedicated to continuous innovation, constantly developing products that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of the retail landscape. As shoppers expect a more personalized shopping experience, and businesses grapple with the rise in theft, we thoughtfully create products that address these concerns.

As retail display fixtures become more intricate, we’ve led the way in developing smart locks that allow both customers and employees to gain access to goods using their own smartphones or store-issued devices. These game-changing locks have been adopted by the biggest brands in the world who are leading the pack in changing the retail shopping landscape.

By collaborating with us, fixture builders gain access to cutting-edge security solutions that enhance the value proposition for their clients. Our commitment to ongoing development ensures that fixture builders can offer their customers the latest advancements in retail security technology, reinforcing their position as trusted partners in the industry. With InVue as a collaborator, fixture builders can confidently
provide their clients with unparalleled security solutions, setting them apart in a competitive market landscape.

Partnering for a common goal 

As fixture builders, we know that your experts at your craft. Building retail fixtures isn’t just a labor, it’s an art form. It’s a marketing science in how to gain consumer interest and elevate the shopping experience. Similarly, we find value in enhancing the shopping experience through reliable and accessible security. Making devices that address the wants of shoppers and the needs of companies is what we do best. Our partnership extends to specialty store services, bespoke security solutions for retail display fixtures and top-notch customer service, including assistance with installation.

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