Promoting, protecting and monitoring your merchandise.

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Promoting, protecting and monitoring your merchandise.

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Global expertise, local support.

InVue solutions are used by thousands of retailers worldwide. With a presence in over 90 countries, we’re well positioned to efficiently execute a major global new product launch as well as providing the support and service you need locally.


Retail expertise.

Thousands of retailers globally are using InVue’s OneKEY. Proven to improve security and customer service, OneKEY also provides valuable in-store visibility and analytics.


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Full range of solutions to meet your needs.



Design makes a difference.

We partner with you to determine the perfect solutions from existing product portfolio or by creating a custom solution. Either way, InVue design will help you balance the need for high customer engagement with the right security in any retail environment.


Phase 1:
Collaborative Product Definition

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InVue Design collaborates with you to understand the unique features of your product.

We demonstrate the possible solutions with complete renderings and concept modeling conforming to your needs throughout the process.

This phase concludes with concept agreement, pricing and timing before we move to Phase 2.

Phase 2:
Design / Engineering Validation

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During Phase 2 we work with your product prototypes and refine our designs.

During this phase we provide high quality renderings and prototype models for your review.

We also test and validate the solution.

Phase 3:
Design / Manufacturing

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We begin this phase by supplying early samples of our solution so you can utilize them in your planning and marketing activities prior to the official launch.

We also address any product updates and changes you might have.

We conduct rigorous quality testing and provide you with documented results.


Phase 4:
Commercial Deployment

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Provide all the necessary documents to support your successful retail implementation.

This can include instruction sheets, install videos and specification documents.

We begin to ship your product.



What secure solutions are you looking for? Complete the form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss your needs.

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