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Technology to
protect &
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Partnering with the world’s top brands.

InVue is a global technology company who provides the world's most valuable brands with innovative merchandising, security and IoT solutions. By integrating our hardware and software solutions we seamlessly protect and promote our customers' most valuable assets, leading to improved operations and an enhanced user experience.


Our Businesses



A single key security solution and state-of-the-art access control to improve service, decrease theft and increase sales.

Point of Sale

Versatile solutions that allow businesses to engage customers and streamline the check-out process.

Strategic Partnerships

Partnering to promote and protect the world’s most innovative consumer products.

Critical Infrastructure

Real-time visibility, control, and tracked access to essential indoor or outdoor assets.


The courage to disrupt.

For fifty years InVue has consistently spotted emerging market trends and reinvented itself to take advantage of the opportunity.


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customers be more profitable


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1972 Richard Sankey formed Alpha Enterprises as a product design company.

Our first office was in the attic of an old house in North Canton, Ohio that had been converted to office space.



1984 Alpha transformed itself into a product marketing company selling security packages for audio cassettes to record chains and video cases to video rental stores throughout the United States.

1986 Alpha's first manufacturing plant is opened, the first of what will become a total of five facilities throughout the US.


A decade of growth and expansion.

1992 Alpha Consumer Products is formed featuring a complete line of home storage products for pre-recorded media and home office accessories.

1994 Alpha addresses the changes in CD packaging and also introduces a line of retail security Keepers for cassettes and CDs.

1998 Alpha's first European office is opened in The Netherlands.


A decade of disruptive innovation

2000 Alpha introduces Secure Hooks providing security for high theft sell-thru merchandise.

2002 Alpha introduces the storewide single key concept featuring the S3 Key and line of security products.

2004 Alpha expands globally with its first Asia Pacific office.

2006 The innovative POD is launched providing retailers an easy-to-use, above counter, alarming security device for handheld electronics along with the IR Key allowing every store to have a unique user code.

2007 The belief that the IR Key provided customers a superior value over magnetic keys and anticipating the growth of handheld electronics, Alpha sells the S3 product line to Checkpoint Systems and forms InVue.


Significant investments in R&D.

2010 InVue introduces a full line of retail security products to protect tablets on display.

2012 InVue launches Smart Lock, an electronic lock and key system for merchandise in locked cabinets and display cases.

2014 InVue introduces the OneKEY ecosystem™, providing retailers a storewide single key security platform designed to decrease theft and increase sales.

2015 InVue launches Business Tablet Solutions (iPad POS Stands) to provide solutions to secure and enable tablets used for business.

2015 The Brand Solution division is formed to partner with global brands and provide custom solutions for their specific needs.

2017 InVue opens new innovation, quality, design and service center in Charlotte, NC — quality control facilities in Charlotte and China, using custom designed testing equipment to simulate actual, daily in-store use of our products.

2017 InVue releases a full software suite — Access Manager, Insignt and MicroSigns — that connects and enhances their security platform to offer analytics on associate and consumer interactions with merchandise.

2018 OnePOD is launched providing retailers a common platform designed to improve operational efficiencies, decrease theft, and increase sales and profits.


2020 InVue launches the innovative NE360 mobile payment system. NE360 provides retailers the complete freedom to combine any tablet or mobile device, any payment terminal and any operating system to create a flexible mPOS solution.

2020 InVue's first Experience Center opens in Charlotte, NC allowing customers to take a live virtual tour of InVue solutions as they would be used in their specific retail environment.

2021 The fourth version of our proprietary OneKEY is launched.

2021 InVue LIVE goes live. The connected platform of products enables retailers to track, monitor, and manage store operations in real-time.

2022 InVue introduces LIVE Locks, a family of digital locks utilizing InVue's LIVE Access app to fully manage locked merchandise with real-time control and actionable insights.

2022 The latest addition to InVue's OnePOD line becomes available. LIVE OnePOD is where device display security and hardware intelligence meet.

2022 InVue moves into data center security with RAC Lock, providing rack-level physical security and access control.


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