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Zone Detection Unit

Real-time security for open-racks.

Maintain uptime, security, and compliance with ease

InVue’s Zone Detection Unit empowers Data Center operations with industry-leading physical security, access control, and auditing capabilities to open server racks within a data hall. Give the right people access, detect errors as they occur, and limit downtime caused by data breaches.

InVue’s Zone Detection empowers Data Center operators with industry-leading physical security, real-time access control, and auditing capabilities to doorless equipment inside the data hall.
Zone Detection’s access control is made possible by our patented OneKEY technology. Grant access, get visibility, and record every interaction with server racks using a single key.
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Features & Benefits

Quickly deploy Zone Detection anywhere you need to manage access and increase visibility to interactions with doorless racks, critical equipment or sensitive areas.

Compliance & Reporting
100% audit trail of all interactions with the Zone Detection, remote or local.
Detect & Deter
Prevent human error or uncover malicious activity.
Respond & Recover
Respond to security breaches with real-time speed to mitigate loss.
Will the Zone Detection unit work with different types of server racks?

Yes, the Zone Detection unit provides several different mounting options and is able to cover the width of a standard server rack, allowing it to be used with virtually any rack in use today.

Does the Zone Detection unit require its own power and ethernet connection?

The Zone Detection unit supports Power Over Ethernet (PoE), providing both power and network connection from a single POE cable. It is possible to supply power separately to the Zone Detection Unit if a POE connection is not available.

Can multiple Zone Detection units be combined together?

Yes, multiple units can be combined to create a single detection field, providing a “virtual wall” of detection for a wide variety of use cases.

How does the Zone Detection unit provide notification of unauthorized access to a rack?

Each unit can be configured to provide an audible alarm if the detection field is broken. An alarm event is also sent back to the software to provide notification of a breach.

Can someone be given access to a single server rack?

Yes, access can be configured to allow a user to be able to access a single rack, multiple racks, or all racks depending on requirements. Access is assigned from the software.

How does a user access a server rack when the Zone Detection unit is armed?

The unit can be accessed using InVue’s OneKEY. Once the unit has been disarmed, it will automatically re-arm after roughly seconds (configurable) of inactivity.

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