Protection for high-value hanging merchandise.

Innovative dispensers designed to be easy to use, simple to install, and improves on-shelf availability of merchandise.

T1000 Retail Store Security Display System

Improve on-shelf availability.

  • Simple push of a button dispenses one package
  • Five second time delay deters thieves
  • Easy to install, works with any planogram
  • Unique design allows merchandise to be at the forefront and decreases visual out of stock
  • Read our whitepaper with Chain Store Age here
T1000 Store Anti-Theft Push Button System
T1000 Push Button Loss Prevention Security Solution

A push button dispenser with time delay that is simple for customers and stops thieves


Self-service hook that dispenses merchandise with a time delay.

  • More flexible and economical than bulky cabinet dispensers
  • Easy to use
  • Available in two sizes
Invue Helix safely display retail items

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