Simple. Fast. Secure.

The only security solution for powered and non-powered electronic accessories and general merchandise on display.


Zips is versatile and scalable, featuring alarm, power and high security options with a wide range of powered and non-powered sensors for unlimited applications.

  • Quick to install, simple to use
  • Multiple attachments and power sensors
  • Options for both standard and high security

Zips allows you to create dynamic displays with minimal investment that will increase your sales.


Zips provides secure protection for a wide range of general merchandise and consumer electronics on display. As the only complete solution for powered and non-powered applications, Zips offers multiple attachments and power sensors to meet both standard and high security needs.



  • Convertible between power and non-power
  • 5V, 1A capable (5V, 1A per port for the four-port alarm unit)
  • Magnetic release for multi-layer security and easier sensor detachment


  • A variety of powered and non-powered sensors
  • 1A power delivery for powered sensors
  • Gold is Good LED on sensor head
  • Compatible with existing platforms

High Security

  • High security sensors and high security bracket add-on for the alarm unit
  • Steel sensors are cut-resistant and can withstand 150 lbs of pull force
  • Sensors attach to high security bracket with security screw; bracket is anchored to fixture
  • Available for single or four-port alarm unit

NEW Zips Display Case

A flexible solution to display a wide range of smart technology and personal accessories.

  • Clear visual case protects product and promotes engagement
  • Integrated security and charging options
  • Compatible with existing Zips bases to support a wide variety of merchandise
  • Compatible with OneKEY and Access Manager for full visibility of product interaction.








Zips for Connected Home Displays

A universal platform to display and protect connected home devices.

  • Easily accommodates a wide range of device shapes and sizes
  • Alarm unit can be mounted under counter allowing for a clean design
  • Scalable: allowing you to upgrade to higher security as needed and at a minimal investment
  • Integration with Zips platform and the complete InVue OneKEY ecosystem

Zips for Laptop Displays

K-Lock: Enhanced security for laptops, notebooks, and monitors providing robust mechanical security combined with optional alarm.

  • Utilizing the industry standard Kensington slot
  • Versatile application options with adapter plate for notebooks without a K-slot
  • Steel plate adheres to back of laptop providing a seamless customer experience
  • Features a cut resistant steel cable and steel plate
  • OneKEY security key provides industry’s highest security and ease of use
  • Part of the InVue Zips family of sensors

Zips for Modular Displays

Customizable, flexible and cost effective attachments for select accessories on display.

  • Cost-effective turn-key solution when coupled with Series 850
  • Magnetic placement is quick to install and easy to re-merchandise
  • Flexible implementation

NEW Zips All-in-One Headphones

Inspire great listening.

  • Audio, power, and alarm provide a complete headphone display. 
  • Long, soft-pull cord enables customers to try every feature.
  • Simple, unified design encourages interaction.









Zips Headphone Recoiler

Optimal customer experience and security for wireless headphones.

  • Fully integrated audio cable for playback in the headphones
  • Standard security to openly and safely display wireless headphones
  • Supports multiple audio barrel sizes: 2.5mm and 3.5mm
  • Integration with Zips platform

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