InVue Retail Security Systems

Providing best in class merchandising and security protection for high theft merchandise on display.   Designed to help retailers reduce theft, improve the customer experience, and increase sales.

  • Versatile:  From protecting electronics to merchandise in cabinets or drawers, InVue solutions help retailers secure their merchandise while increasing sales.

  • Design:  Clean, innovative design which delivers an inviting and meaningful customer experience.

  • OneKEY:  Compatible with InVue’s patented OneKEY ecosystem which provides best in class security, improved customer experience, and powerful software analytics on in-store behavior.


Simplify key management and increase profits with the OneKEY Ecosystem.  Compatible with most of InVue’s Retail Security products.


Display Merchandise:

Security and merchandising for phones, tablets, wearables, cameras, laptops, electronic accessories, and other general merchandise.

– Revolutionary OnePOD Platform provides exceptional customer experience, improved operational efficiency with the ability to quickly re-merchandise, and a consistent look across all display stands.

– Applicable for a variety of merchandise across your entire store.

– Compatible with the OneKEY Ecosystem which can provide in-store visibility to monitor, understand, and manage associate interactions.  Know who did what, where, and when.

OnePOD Security for Phones and Tablets
Retail Security for Laptops
Zips Basic for Power Tools

Hanging Merchandise:

Secure high theft hanging merchandise such as batteries, printer ink, and phone accessories.

– Improve on-shelf availability and prevent sweeping with a dispenser that does not require associate assistance.

Locking Hooks provide flexibility to protect some of all merchandise on the hook.

– Select Locking Hooks are compatible with the OneKEY Ecosystem.

Invue T1000 Push Dispenser Anti-Theft Security
Secure Fixtures with Locking Hooks

Packaged Merchandise:

Complete display security options for boxed merchandise or soft goods.

– Package Wraps designed to fit any size of boxed merchandise and cannot be defeated by magnets.

– Cable Locks to protect soft goods such as purses, jackets, and other general retail merchandise.

– Compatible with the OneKEY Ecosystem which improves customer service by simplifying key management.

package wrap

Cabinet & Drawer Locks:

Self-locking technology to protect merchandise in cabinets or drawers.

– Designed to work with a variety of furniture styles and designs

– Seamless integration into new or existing furniture

– Compatible with the OneKEY Ecosystem providing insight into when and by whom a cabinet or drawer was last accessed.

smart locks
smart lock for drawers

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