Leaders in event hospitality use NE360 to bring new service to stadiums. - InVue
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Leaders in event hospitality use NE360 to bring new service to stadiums.

Case Studies
Date: Sep 06 2019
Read Time: 2 minutes
US company specializing in food and beverage services to major entertainment and sports events, and large-scale venues.


The customer needed a functional point-of-sale solution that wouldn’t sacrifice quality. They wanted to streamline service in their stadium suites – where staff would utilize POS solutions to take food and beverage orders from guests, as well as process payments in one interaction. There was also a need for the selected mPOS solution to utilize technology compatible with the organization’s existing IT infrastructure and have the capability to operate in an arena environment without disruption to service.


POS stand and mPOS solution had to utilize USB connectivity between the tablet and payment.
Solutions had to leverage Ethernet connectivity to the location’s existing network.
Solutions had to be rugged to withstand the chaos and heavy handling of a stadium environment.

InVue’s NE360 POS systems provide durable hardware and flexible technology to meet customer requirements. By utilizing the complete family of NE360 solutions, the customer could ensure installation and staff adoption across the systems was seamless. Driven by the successful experience in their stadium suites, the customer is now rolling out NE360 in other business areas.





Convertible POS Center mPOS Tablet Solution mPOS Handheld Solution
Samsung Tab Active Pro Samsung Tab Active 3 Samsung XCOVER Pro
  • ingenico Link/2500i
  • payment cradle and network hub
  • ingenico Link/2500i
  • ingenico Link/2500i

250+ NE360Cs and 850+ NE360T/Hs deployed across 90+ locations to date. 70-90% reduction of transcation problem tickets related to hardware since introducing InVue’s NE360. The InVue partnership has exceeded expectations. The customer has set a new goal to have every location in their portfolio installed with a minimum of 1-10 NE360Cs and 2-90 NE360Ts/NE360Hs.

“The functionality and quality of [InVue’s] solution is superior to any other product we’ve looked at. It has exceeded the expectations of our business operations and our partners with its performance and durability.”

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