Simple. Scalable. Secure.


Simple. Scalable. Secure.

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Simple. Scalable. Secure.

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Real-time access control to server racks without the cost or complexity.

How you manage access to physical data has never been more important. When 95% of data center breaches are caused by human error, the people, processes, and products inside your data hall matter. Whether you need to meet regulatory compliance, reduce operational costs, or drive sustainability in your data center operations, InVue’s RAC Lock provides the industry’s first simple, scalable solution for visibility and control at the rack-level.


Industry-leading security, without the downtime.

RAC Lock’s rapid deployment is made possible by InVue’s OneKEY. Using our patented inductive power-transfer technology, every cabinet can be accessed using a single key without the need for power, network, or batteries. 

Learn How OneKEY Works


Control who can access what, when, and where.

Using InVue’s OneKEY and LIVE Access software, administrators control the who, what, and where of access control.

Data Center Site

Zone Access

Individual Lock



Maintain compliance, confidence, and control with a real-time audit trail.

Each interaction with OneKEY is logged and recorded in real-time, enabling quick detection, response, and essential reporting for data center operations.

Compliance & Reporting

100% audit trail of all interactions with cabinets.

Detect & Deter

Prevent human error or uncover malicious activity.

Respond & Recover

Respond to security breaches with real-time speed to mitigate loss.


InVue Access Control Data Flow

How it always works:


“What interested us most about InVue’s RAC Lock was the simplicity.”

“It’s really easy to install. Setting up user permissions in the system helps us quickly keep track of access levels. Now that there’s just one key to control and track everything, we spend less time preparing for audits and don’t need to worry about lost keys.”

— Supervisor IT, Data Center Operations, State & Local Government





  • Battery-less and wire-free smart lock for IT racks and data center cabinets

  • Integrated door and latch sensor for confirmation of locking

  • Compatible with OneKEY and LIVE Access for managed access and audit trail of activity

  • Option to operate  in “2-person rule” mode with LIVE Access

  • Does not require wired connectivity or additional controller

  • Easy to install and retrofit existing mechanical locks

  • Color: Black




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